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Help me please I'm desperate


I haven't been on in a while as I had told myself it wasn't anxiety due to actually being diagnosed with e-coli in my bladder now that has gone my anxiety has come back in full swing! For the past 8 days I've had such a weird feeling in my head it's almost like my brains constantly shaking and I have pressure all over the front of my head and by my ears sometimes it's in one place sometimes it's all over! Over the past week or more I have started bleeding down below which is very unusual for me as I am on the depo injection and haven't had a period in nearly 4 years! I'm not sure if it's all linked but I am sick to death of convincing myself I either have a brain tumor or cervical cancer! I have been to a&e with these headaches an they done the simple shine the light in your eyes and reaction tests and said it all seems fine they won't consider MRI scans or anything else as they are certain it's just anxiety! I have had vaginal swabs etc taken to rule out infections an they are all clear?? I'm just at my wits end now half the time I don't feel as if I'm feeling anxious at all so it's hard for me to accept its anxiety. I feel as if I am walking round in a daze and constantly feel pressure an dizzyness in my head which also leads to my ears popping a lot! I have been referred to CBT but I have to wait 2 weeks even for a telephone interview an the way I am feeling I don't feel as if I can wait that long! Im only 23 and usually a very confident an bubbly person I feel as though I am withdrawing into myself as the days go on. Sometimes I look in the mirror but it's like I can't see myself I am at breaking point now and keep having bizzare thoughts that if I just ended it things wouldn't be able to affect me which is ridiculous because I'm so scared I'm dying when all I want to do is live :( someone please help me

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HI Aimee x You say you thought differently about having anxiety due to being diagnosed with something else but its possible that you just ignored your symptoms as the reality of being ill was real and now the illness has passed the anxiety has shown itself again x The symptoms you are describing could certainly be anxiety for sure and it sounds as if the doctors are testing you to be on the safe side, I cannot help with the period thing but it is possible than even though you are one contraception they could return due to your stress and such x I think you really should return to your doctors and tell them all of this and make sure there is no other reason your periods have returned x The fear of death is a big one with anxiety and the cbt with certainly help with this x 2 weeks may seem a long time but its not that long x some have waited years x Hopefully they can get you further forward in your anxiety battle x Donver



Sounds like you have things going of that can make you feel anxious , there is nothing worse than some niggling health issues to set it of & I don't think anything is seriously wrong from what you have written & the tests you have had all coming back clear but sounds like the depo injection may be playing about with your hormones & when our hormones are all over the place this can make us have some of the symptoms you describe as well as feeling anxious

I would go back to the doctors or the nurse in your surgery , tell them how you are feeling & ask about that injection if this can cause any of your symptoms & maybe come of it for a while & see if you settle down a little with how you feel , it is worth a go as sometimes something suites us & then the next minute for no reason all of a sudden it doesn't suite us as well anymore

Glad you have some cbt & I know when you are feeling so bad 2 weeks can seem a long time but it will soon be here & that will be a huge help

Keep talking on here , people will relate to you & you will know you are not alone which does help :-)




Aimee-licious in reply to Hidden

Thank you both for replying! I have spoken about the depo an have decided already to come of it but it doesn't rub out until the 20th June so I have to just wait it out. That could be a good explanation about me suppressing it I do that with most of my emotions anyway! When I first had the anxiety it was chest pain in which I had 6 ECGs, chest x ray, full blood work including trops when they told me this my chest pain disappeared, I then had numbness an tingles in my arms an legs for over a week which when certain things got ruled out that pain went away to I feel as though when they tell me one things okay my mind won't accept it so I give myself a new set of symptoms with no explanation?? I think the main reason I'm struggling so much with it is because it's so different to my personality I was so outgoing and not to be big headed but the life an soul of most outings an now I don't even want to leave my house :/


I have felt like this for 3 yrs. I just found out last week that I am vitamin D deficient. I found a forum where people who are D deficient have these symptoms. Have a blood test to find out. Also check your Inner ears.

Thank you had two full blood counts in the past month which were apparently normal? Am going to the gp at half 3 so will defo mention the ear thing some one else advised that to! It almost feels like everytime i move my head I'm going to past out or have a stroke as extreme as that sounds it's constant pressure an dizzyness :/

aimee-licious you can and will get your life back we are all stronger then this anxiety ,ive been struggling with it for four years now and ive gotten better each day as I only allow it 5 to ten minutes to do its best to me then I go and start doing an activity or deep breathing and before I know it the feeling has passed you are important to your family and your friends and you have a purpose here I believe in you and I know you can beat this anxiety the physical symptoms you feel will soon become less and less start journaling everyday what you feel and see if theres a pattern to your symptoms or when your anxiety hits you and show your counselor or doctor okay im sending you lots of love and hugs here if you need to talk

Thank you sincerity21! I have actually been really good these past few days hardly felt much symptoms which is wonderful have just been trying to keep myself busy and starting seeing my friends more an doing this I even managed a night on the town last night which if you'd of asked me last week I wouldn't of thought it possible! I am just taking it a step at a time but feeling much more positive this week which is great I can see more an more of my original personality kicking back through! I have also arranged to start CBT and an on a 2-6 week waiting list for that' get more blood test results on weds so just waiting for them to once again prove to me it's anxiety lol but thank you for taking the time to message me it helps to know people care

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