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Hi everyone, so I was hanging out with family yesterday feeling anxious and all but I made myself do it . As I sat and analysized each family member I was wondering to myself how many of them feel the way I do? How many constantly worry about their health as I do ? How many of them knew that I was fighting really hard to be there and not go lock up in my room? This disease is so scary ! I just checked my pulse and it was high as usual BP was OK. We have another family function in about an hour and I'm trying to bring myself to get out of bed but I feel so helpless no energy, weird feelings in my chest , arms and back! I don't know what to do ! Lord knows I'm trying I just can't fight this feeling of anxiousness,helplessness, and all over fatigue😩😩😩 I don't know anymore!!


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  • Hi Anxietytroll, I've often wondered if others in the store or neighborhood have anxiety. If they do, I certainly don't see it. And then I think, they probably don't see it in me either. The invisible disorder. But so scary. I hope you go to the family function. Lord only knows how many I missed and now when I look around half the family is gone. I couldn't help anxiety taking over but a part of me is sad in what I missed as well as what they must have thought. Do the best you can and maybe you will have a good time but at least it will get you out of bed. When the evening is over, you can collapse in bed again knowing you tried. I care. xx

  • Thank U Agora1 when anxiety rears its ugly head all of a sudden it just shatters your positive hopes! I'm trying meditation and prayer hoping it brings me a sense of peace . Lord knows we All need it! I will let u know how the rest of this day goes!

  • I always think that! Thats why I have been more vocal about what is going on with me. So people dont feel so alone, including myself! Everyone is going through some kind of struggle whether it be health, monetary, relationship, etc. I hope you get to enjoy your party and not let it get to you very much.

  • Hi teemarie lately that is exactly what I've been doing ,being vocal about what I'm going thru some understand and some don't! My mom told me just the other day don't let your life pass u by , by sitting in that room doing nothing and being depressed! I told her if it was only that easy! I would never come in this room only to sleep! My cycle is due in three days and I'm wondering could this have anything to do with my symptoms I'm having at the moment ? I read about yours and I think I'm the same . its so much to name! But I'll keep u posted

  • Not everyone is going to understand. Thats fine. I know what you mean Im always in the damn house I even work from home! It could be possible. Chart it down! What you feel, what you eat, whats going on, and when your cycle starts. Thats what I had too do. Or it could just be anxiety. I didnt always have PMDD it just kind of popped up out of nowhere. But I did have GAD. So who knows.

  • I was keeping track of my symptoms kinda lost track somewhere along the way! But when it starts this time I'm going to keep a journal ! I so need this I have to find the best help . So far to no avail I haven't found a good therapist in my state I'm in Alabama!

  • Hello

    The times I have done what you did tonight in the pass analyzing others wondering what goes of in their heads but I wonder what it must be like to have a mind that just does not worry , I get intrigued by how that must feel :-/

    I am not sure if you will have got out of bed and gone to the second function with your family but what I do hope is you did what ever was right for you , if you had flu would you have dragged yourself out of bed to be with others ? sometimes if we feel really bad we do need some time to ourselves , you have been to one already so that is brilliant :-)

    You are going to make that appointment with your Doctor yes :-)

    You will tell us the day and time and I will do my best as well as others that if you do we will try and come on and give you support we will come with you even though we cannot be physically there we will be here all the way ready to support you :-)

    Now when we are anxious are pulse is going to go faster and beat more so please ignore that it is fine and you are going to be fine to :-)

    Don't see how you feel at the moment as forever because it won't be and try and accept that you have anxiety which gives you these fears and thoughts but like some illnesses that nothing can be done to make things better with anxiety things can be done and it will get better :-)

    Hope you get a good nights sleep and feel a lot more positive tomorrow :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi lulu-1 I made it to the function , I feel really weird tho! I'm trying to cope! Its not as bad as I thought it would be but in another sense I want to go home and crawl into bed. I don't want to be a Debbie downer. I really want to feel as normal as possible! If that makes any sense😁 as for my appt I'm shopping for the best therapist and no one has popped out at me ! I do have insurance and I plan on putting it to good use! Lol I need to get this ball rolling thanks for your support and the support of others sometimes I don't know where I would be without you all really😊! I'll keep u posted most def

  • Hey Anxietytroll, you did it! Now you can go to bed, you deserve it. :)

  • Hey Agora1 I did! I made myself I said not today anxiety not today! I wish all my days can be as this!

  • You brought me to tears I'm so happy. You did it for yourself as well as all of us. xx

  • Awww do u know how good that makes me feel Agora1 just to be able to override my fear and to know how it affect someone else! If ever day could be like this I would be in a better head space!! Thank U

  • I do the exact same, I sit and wonder if they Google their symptoms 24/7 like I do, do they not worry about their health? They probably do but we over worry ourselves to the point we think we've got something wrong and make ourselves feel these symptoms

  • Yes Miaaa17 I wonder the same then I start to think I wish I were more like them without a care in the world! Some wear their confidence on their sleeve I wanna more like that

  • I look at them and think how can you be so healthy?! 😂 doesn't make sense but they're just normal, anxiety changes everything about you

  • Right Miaaa17 😀 I get so jealous thinking to myself, do they even wonder about their health . I see people drinking , smoking and being merry and I watch this and anxiety always rears its ugly head! I hate it 😕

  • wishing I could be as careless as that, I've actually gotten to the point where I won't sleep in certain positions cause I'm worried that will harm something 😂😂

  • U too Miaaa17 😀 I think your my long lost twin! That's crazy I thought it was just me

  • every little thing I do I give it a second thought, literally taking over my life, I stay out of the sun cause I'm worried, don't drink cause I'm worried, scared incase im going to give myself a terminal illness, which is crazy but anxiety is to blame 😡😡

  • I have all this, and it turned out to be antibiotic toxicity. If you have, this could be your culprit and it is important to know so that you don't re 'flox' yourself, and there are common drugs that exacerbate things. If you've never taken one, then it's obviously not that. There's a site called with lots of info. If it is this, it causes extreme anxiety as well as the whole host of weird symptoms. For me, dizziness, head pressures, tinnitis, body pains and pressure, clumsiness in my arms, etc etc. And this is what it turned out to be. It's worth checking into. Meanwhile, good luck to you and I hope you'll feel better one way or another.

  • Alan here just remember u will have good times as well as bad just try 2 be positive go 2 ur family get togethers it's important 2 have the support of ur family and being out and in company is good 4 you. Think positive be active iv been there and it is hard but try 2 have a life plan things to do go out with family and friends. I get angry when iv planed something and don't go through with it but I'm winning the battle keeping active and positive is key you deserve a life get out there and enjoy your life. Most of are symtoms is in r head no negative thoughts here 4 u.☺

  • Thank u Alan I will do just that! Its time😉


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