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Doctor Yesterday

So, yesterday I went to the doctor they gave me a ekg, took a few blood test, and gave me a chest x-ray and everything was normal. But then the doctors started talking about how I had a thoracic spine pinched nerve injury that was causing me chest pain but my heart was fine. I'm nervous tho cause I was looking up thoracic spine and they said this injury could cause heart problems so now I'm freaking out. It can be fixed with physical therapy and I go there in another 4 days. I'm only 18!!

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Hello, There are a lot of nerves that run out of the thoracic spine, if the one that is pinched was of concern -that could potentially lead to heart problems- then they would have had you monitored. So that's good news there! Phys therapy will definitely help and relieve some of the health anxiety.

Hope this helps!


Thanks 😊


Never look anything up!thats just gonna cause you way more anxiety.believe me,ive been there plenty of times.listen to your doctor not the enternet.ive learned that the hard way.just believe that everything will be fine.and try not to worry so much about it.i know its easier said than done.i wish u the best of luck.i hope everything starts getting better for you!

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