I had a really good day yesterday felt like my normal self most of the day..then my ex txt late on saying they hoped I was okay and I knew then that we are most likely anxiety shot through the roof..took me ages to fall asleep last night and I've woke up early with a churning tummy and palpitations.

I'm really upset that one person can cause this :-(


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  • You seem to be going through a similar situation to me. I've never suffered from anxiety till me and my ex broke up. What's making things worse is that things are now in limbo as to of we can make things work. I really do feel for you. I got a text of my ex last night saying wish you was here which just confuses matters more.

    Hope your day get better. I'm here if you need someone to vent to.


  • I appreciate that..I really do, I mean I'll take some of the blame like it was me who broke up with them in the midst of a panicky night. I wasn't thinking rationally and thought they'd be better off with out me but in my clear mind I know I love them. Also as I've said in previous posts that they aren't very supportive of the whole anxiety thing which then makes it worse..but not being with them makes it just as bad so I'm stuck in total limbo. X

  • Ah love thats the thing with anxiety it takes little and nothing sometimes just to set it off i hate that in a morning i feel like i want toilet constantly and the palpitations feel so scary but the thing is if your ex is your ex then that is what they should be not being awful but you dont need more stress adding to your anxiety it is either on or over and this is only prolonging your anxiety and it needs to be resolved by either leaving it in the past or starting a fresh love why does your ex need to text if there is no relationship there sometimes you just cant be friends with a past relationship but if there is still love there then maybe its worth discussing but you really need to try and focus on something else its obvious this is making your anxiety worse hun and until you can move forward then the texting is obviously playing on your mind and making you worse not better if it was helping i would say go for it but its not so i would say leave well alone and allow yourself to help yourself hope this doesnt sound harsh hun but a slight upset does play on our mind and makes our anxiety worse you need some calm xxxxxx

  • Don't worry about sounding harsh you aren't saying anything that other people aren't saying as well lol. It's like I don't know where my normal feeling anxiety and extreme anxiety start and end if that makes sense? X

  • My ex comes round to pick my son up mon to friday at 7pm and it really upset me, hes moved on, has met somebody and is happy

    He looks straight through me it makes feel worthless and full of anxiety.

  • See this is when I'd be full of advice for you as I'm good at giving other people advice but can't practise what I preach so I'm useless today lol x

  • Ashley , don't worry about that , we all are good at advice , but you are right its so different to put it in practise ourselves , but we will do , we have to give ourselves time , we live & learn , there is no race or medals :-D

    I hope you get there , don't put pressure on yourself to much , just adds to the anxiety we already feel




  • Thanks you :-)

    I really can't thank everyone on here enough...I'm getting through things day by day thanks to everyone's advice xx

  • hi friend, i went through a meltdown, my wife was having an affair and told me to move out , i took an overdose and ended up in a psychiatric ward for six months , while she set up house and home in my house.

    i ended up in a flat , and she always looked like the cat that had got the cream when she dropped our son off.

    then to put the knife in more she got pregnant to her knew man. i thought my life was over , until i bumped into someone i had a crush on 10years earlier in life. she has brought so much happiness into my life. i still see my son , it hasnt been easy, i still have the anxiety problems, and depression, but it is my ex that is the jealous one now. what goes around comes around.

    you will find someone who makes you really happy , and you will one day wonder why did i waste my time on my ex.

    try not to worry , there are dads who have been there too...

  • So pleased to see this had a happy ending

    You are so right in "what goes around comes around" I also am I big believer in that statement & so many times it has been proven to be correct

    Yes it can take time for this to happen , but I believe when you do what is right to the best of YOUR ability , eventually good things will come , so glad it did for you




  • I'm so glad for you. I'm happy you found someone and your story gives me hope. I've been on and off with my ex for neary 8 years. I've been with other people in that time, my ex have been with other people but somehow we always end up back together. Maybe we are meant for each other maybe not but you are right about what goes around comes around x

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