Hello all

Hi everyone, I've not been on here lately as I've been feeling better - until yesterday.

I was very bloated on Wednesday and felt a bit unwell ibs related I think. Last night I ended up at a and e for after hours appointment, and then checked out again by ambulance crew this morning.

I have been on fluoxetine for almost 2 months, low dosage. Is it normal after a spell of time for the tablets to stop working and they need to be increased. Anyone else experienced this at all?


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  • Hey you I have had to create a new account it wouldn't let me sign into my old one xxxx

  • Is that you Lauren?

  • Yeah it's lauren Xx

  • You should speak to your doctor Monday it could be that the tablet's are making you like this Xx

  • Hi greeneyes, What did the doctors say about how you were feeling when in the A&E? I think you are right in that it could have been IBS and not a result of the Fluoxetine. It would be best to give a call to the doctor that prescribed your meds and see what he says. At the beginning of taking an antidepressant, it usually takes a little fine tweaking to get just the right dose in you to relieve your symptoms but not overpower you completely. Take care. xx

  • Hi there nice to hear from you. How you doing?

    I've been on this med just short of 2 months with no side effects. The doctor last night referred to ibs as simply an overactive bowel. He felt all my stomach and said is ok. I thought my anxiety had gone too not sure now as there was me away to hospItal last night. Do you suffer from this condition?

  • greeneyes, years ago before I even knew I had anxiety, I suffered from constant spastic colon. I practically lived at the gastroenterologist's office and having test after test done. I was put on an anti-spasmotic for several years. One day it miraculously went away when I flushed the pills down the toilet. Anxiety still wasn't mentioned.

  • Me for sure identical Hun bloated ibs kicking up and acid reflux aswell horrible combination in so much pain xx

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