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Hello All

Hi I have been asked to instead of Googling Illnesses 24/7 I must try something like here, I have suffered with this since my 20s I have G.A.D and Health Anxiety every pain I have must be the big C I can not even say the word I have 4 people dying with it now :/

I going back for CBT but that has a waiting list and the people around me I do not talk to them about it as some just stay (Do not be stupid or my favourite You need to get over it )

Today pain is cramp on my lower left side and I think I have IBS but I know if I search 1st thing will say the Big C

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Hi PipzPine, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. I'm glad you did turn to the forum instead of Googling. It's just a bad idea. I think knowing 4 people who have the big C is feeding into your health anxiety. Going into therapy esp CBT will help you address your fears. Talking with people who don't suffer from Anxiety themselves doesn't work. They seem so flippant about it. If only it were that easy to just get over it. You will have to learn how to dismiss the symptoms that come with being anxious which in itself will lessen the concern and worry. This forum has a group of people of all ages that you will be able to relate with. For now, please don't use Dr. Google for your symptoms, come here to the forum. We all care. x

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Thank- You for taking the time to reply, I have had not today looked up on google Today instead I just kept busy, Started the walks each day since Monday and even trying to find a great Meditation app to fall a sleep to

Changed my diet 2 weeks ago and next week I am starting on my Wii yoga and try getting back to being fit (Enough sitting around playing sims and watching TV shows over and over again :) )

It is hard to try keep it up everyday as like Today pain there so I think the worst :/

Being here makes me feel a bit better just knowing I am not alone and reading what others say about what they go though is a lot better than Googling , What would be great is that know one felt like we do as fighting every day is so hard xoxo

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Same I think I'm dying if I've a headache 🤕 and I won't take a tablet case it makes me feel weird I get it I think the worst off everything the heart palpitations are the worse I think il having a heart attack every time and won't go to docs just in case they tell me I'm dying we can't win!! From I've joined this forum it's helped(only joined a few days ago) and reading every1s stories has actually helped I also googled everything defo not a good idea I had myself dead!! Hope my thoughts helped take care!! AJ x


We can not win, Sometimes I think is it good we have this as we are forever getting checked out so if we do have something we catch it early, Then I think will all this stress kill me, I then think if I keep blaming my Anxiety and not get checked out then I might not get to something quick enough..........

I try keep busy all day and worry that I might not find something to do :) I need a off switch for my brain one day off :)

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I get u same it's always what if I booked an appointment for the 100th Tim earliest was 4th off January I thought hope I don't die over Christmas although I had an appointment last week but was to scared to go 🙈 I am def gonna go to this next 1 and be brave because after listening to every1 on here I know I have to take the next step i can't keep thinking and feeling like this overwhelmed and scared!! I'm so glad I joined this forum I hope u r to it's nice to know I'm not going crazy 🙈 I will keep u all informed today I nearly had a panick attach but was able to talk myself out off it!! Hope u stay off google because I can say that I had myself dying!! X


Yes and when I go to the doctors I feel worse than when I went in, I have a great doctor but I always feel is he not telling me something so my anxiety does not get bad I ask my other half the question and he always tells me that I am fine the doctor would say if I was not he not allowed to hold things back. No matter hearing the doctor say your bloods are great you are two young to have the chance of Bowel C you don't smoke or drink you do not eat badly so the chances or 0% you still come out thinking what if he wrong ? :/

Since being on here I am 4 days clear of not looking on Google which yes I still think what if but I just come here instead :) If I was to google I google for places like here. Does help to see we are not alone :)

I am home all day now finding things to do to keep busy :) helps the brain not work :)


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