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not a good day

Well I woke up fine. Got a shower, brushed my teeth, got my son ready for school. Took him to school and then BOOM major panic attack this time to the point I felt lowest of lows. I am so depressed about having to depend on a medication to make me happy just because of my cycle. I would rather just have them take my ovaries out. I spoke to my OB and said I thought I had a progesterone intolerance and I dont think I have enough Estrogen to balance out. All he said was well that could be true but we have no way of knowing. I have lost nine pounds in a week, feel dehydrated constantly. I feel like a worthless mother, like my kids are better off with their dad or my aunt. How am I supposed to love them like they deserve feeling like this? They are my world and I would do anything for them and they are all I have. I know Im not the only person who has this but in my mind I am. I dont want it to ruin my family or my relationship. I get scared they will take my kids away from me for having depression. All I want is to rewind time to a few months ago when I was happy, I dont even know who the hell I am anymore.

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You're a mother that's who you are, you care for your kids and you seem to always think about them more than yourself and well it's okay we all have set backs you will be okay and back to normal, just stay focused on your kids and no one will take your kids, you seen like a great mother

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