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Good day!

Hey guys, I'm real new to all this and this site but I said to a woman who gave me great advice I would post about good days and bad. Today I am having a drink with friends, of course my heart worries are in my head all night, but I have physically said to myself: I am fine, I'm just like him, like her, the doctors say I'm fine, so tonight I am FINE!! I refuse to let this worry ruin mine and my partners night, and to be honest my stubborn attitude towards this has made me smile and carry on having fun! Tomorrow morning i will wake, with no heart attack, alive and well! Today is a good day! One of few that I will definitely enjoy! I hope this helps or inspires others too!

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You are sounding really positive :-)

I hope you had a good night , sounds like you were determined you would which is great as you are looking the anxiety in the face and letting it know who is boss and that is you and not " it "

Take Care x


"One of few that I will definitely enjoy!" - Wrong!! One of MANY. And the good news is that the frequency of these good days increases the more positive you are.

Enjoy and relish those good times.

Sue x


Great ,its so inportant to share the good stuff ,I to am a little better today ,my lifes bieng going backwards for too long and have started councilling ,pills are not a road I want to go down though this is not for everyone, it was great to speak to soneone who did,nt know me I cou,d be honest about myself so I do suggest thjs and tbe sooner the better,dont let this blasted anxiety win ,it is after all just a tired mind creating havoc ,with support a d kindness we will all get thier definately ☺😊😀😁


you'll find yourself getting better albeit perhaps slower than you'd like dolly, just for stopping the pills, I was on so many different types, that after my own research into effects of meds on liver, I was not pleased to see they can cause toxins, which get carried via bloodstream to brain, where all the confusion, anxiety etc happens! good on you for taking the decision, stick with it and you won't regret it. Antidepressants work sometimes for some and not always for everyone! I'm with you all the way in your decision.


hope you are still having good days fairyrocker!


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