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I know this will be long but I need someone too tell it too ... Well a while back I grew this huge fear that I caught HIV silly but true , I went 2 years without getting tested in grew this huge fear , Which led to what I know as a anxiety attack I had dreams about this std I heard voices I had every symptom online , boom First panic attack hit after than my life went down hill I been too The emergency room 8000 times in a month , I look online for everything I had had everything you can name , as far as symptoms , headaches , eyeflashes , body numbness , did personalization or whatever !! Left pain constant jolting , I cry everyday I have a boyfriend who I worry so much I grew this fear of drying Omg , I have dreams hear voices in my head like I just know it's going too happen , I can't work right now my eye is twitching && my head is hurting I read online about early stroke && I'm feeling all the symptoms I just want my life back 😢😥😰😣

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No you don't have anything relax if you did someone would of told you or your doctors hey just relax 😊 I understand it's hard to accept that but hey you're still alive and well, you got this

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Good advise. If you've been to the emergency room a lot they would have told you if anything was wrong.

I was someone who when people told me to relaxed I couldn't, but you know I found out how to by taking up Tai Chi, but Yoga and Pilates can help as well. Even just listening to nice calming music and doing nothing else but focusing on the music can help.

You are going to be okay and you can get through this.


You got this, you seem to have a good handle on this I'm sure you're going to do great but hey remember we're all here for you 😊 and yes you're okay don't worry anymore alright but hang in there alright


So sorry you feel like this. When I first became ill I thought it was some virus that they couldn't do anything about. See my doctor helped me get to the bottom of it and when I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression it was good to finally know that I wasn't making it up about how I was feeling and the issues I was having. That was the start of me getting better.

I also managed to open up and speak to my family and a good friend about what I was going through and this also helped.

I also know that a lot of my symptoms have been helped with doing a Stress Control Course, which gave me good information on relaxation, nutrition, hydration, exercise and how to get a good nights sleep. I've also done another course about Depression as well which also helped.

See what's in your local area that may help you.

You can get your life back and I know you will do it, cause I did. It's taking those first steps to making the improvements in your life that will help you.

I get a twitchy eye as well. Mine is caused by stress so when I feel that I know I have not been taking care of myself and I need to do more relaxation and mindfulness sessions.

Take care and I wish you all the best.


Im about to celebrate 20 years hiv positive, yep celebrate. I caught the virus from a guy who failed to mention he was positive over the 4 months we were together then dumped me as soon as a started to sero convert. I can tell you now that you can live a happy and healthy life with hiv and die of natural causes. Im only saying this to assure you that on the off chance you are positive, you will be fine. Medications these days are incredible, i take 1 a day and i am as healthy as anyone else in regards to viral load and cd4 count.

If you are concerned, go get tested, its not the end of the world these days so please dont allow yout fear to get too you.

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