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Severe aniety


Hello there. My name is Matt I'm 31 I recently got married in september of this year the lead upto the wedding was extremely stressfull before the Run up to wedding in April I collapsed due to exhaustion but after it triggered severe anxiety and fear of the unknown. I had a panic attack that pushed my blood pressure through the roof but thanks to meds it has brought it down now. I hate the physical symptoms I sleep great but I constantly feel light headed as if I'm going to collapse. I manage to stop the anxiety before it attacks me just but it takes a toll on my body I feel tired despite sleeping well. I've had tests ecgs etc. Everything seems fine but these head symptoms are really scary it's not headaches I get but it's a funny zoning out feeling any advise would be great. I can have good days and bad days but it's really getting me down

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I have this same thing happened to me around six months ago because I was going through a home buying process. I had panic attacks and I had anxiety attacks but I didn't realize what they were.

I ended up having to do a lot of tests because I had tremendous amount of chest pains headaches feel dizzy Etc.

I've done everything from CT scans to MRIs to bloodwork to heart monitors etc. and nothing was ever found.

I was the same as you waking up every morning feeling anxious or worried but as the night time came I felt good because I knew I was going to go to sleep. Totally normal as you know you'll be resting

And I have really good days and sometimes not so good days but what keeps me going is knowing that I can have really good days consecutively. We're always going to feel something different because we have a heightened sense of our senses but what is help me the most is acknowledging that I have Anxiety and that my symptoms are merely my anxiety.

My faith in God and my faith and hope in my personal relationship with God have helped me tremendously as well as I know that I am not alone in this. I hope this helps. You'll get through this just have hope and faith.

I'm glad I found someone who understands where I'm coming from just wish this would go away because it's a horrible feeling. I left work early on route to pick up my daughter last Friday on the way that was it. I couldn't stop crying still trying to work out what I was crying about. This is not me. I felt good for a couple of weeks once me and the wife were on our honeymoon as soon as I was back a week later it hit me like a brick wall again and caught me off guard. I constantly need reasurring from people that I'm ok thanks for your reply means a lot

Was this your first bout with anxiety? It's really all about understanding and knowing that it is just that. Just anxiety. I emphasize the just because we tend to make it bigger then what it really is.

It will make you emotional because you are emotionally, physically and mentally drained. But remember it is because you pay attention to it.

I've always had anxiety but never knew it until it excelled to a level that wasn't controllable.

You will always be ok. And if you're afraid just pray. God bless my friend.

Thanks you too

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Oh bless you I'm glad I have God and my family couldn't do it without them, I will pray for you and God will see us through He's faithful always .

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