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Well it's truly kicked in. Flying out tomorrow and I've got the ultimate anxiety and panic. Flying doesn't bother me..I just find it boring.

I always fear of ..taking not well whilst abroad,something bad happening,something going wrong.... it's a nightmare....

All ready to go and I wake up with horrible dry throat which is lasting and fatigue.... finding it hard to do anything.

Aren't family and friend holidays meant to be a happy occasion



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Hang in there don't worry everything will be fine, may God bless you and have a safe flight

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I'm sure and hope you calm when on the plane x I m going on holiday in 2 weeks time x and it's all going through my head as well x you think you have everything under control until the day before x I'm sure you will enjoy x


Hi MrsBO8, just saw this now. Wishing you peaceful, calming thoughts tomorrow and throughout your holiday. xx


Hi has anything happened before to make u feel this way or just anxiety feeding itself please go enjoy holiday u deserve it u suffer enough at other times I'm sure all will be fine xx



Just noticed your post and I hope you have a lovely Holiday :-)

Take Care x


Hi MrsBO8, I don't know if you are back yet but I do hope your holiday went well. I'm sure you have a lot of update to share. Hope all is well and anxiety is low. :)


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