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Sudden anxiety outburst :(

Hey all, it's been a while since I was on here. I've just started dating someone and I have feelings for him. But all of a sudden I'm in a really bad way worrying about what if something happened to him? Like an accident or worse? I'm on the verge of an anxiety attack. What set me off was he said he'd like to get a license to fly a helicopter!! When there has been so many ppl die flying them. Now I can't stop thinking about what if something does?!

Any ideas on what I should do? I'm really stressed out and feel am attack coming on

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Hi. Anxiety almost always has a basis in fact. For example, its true that people do die in helicopter crashes. Its also true that the overwhelming majority of people who get into a helicopter get back out again alive. There is a greater chance of being hit by a passing bus than being involved n a helicopter accident, and even that is a remote possibility. Maybe you can talk over your fears with the other person. At this point the issue is not urgent for you - he is thinking about getting a helicopter license. There is time for you and him to talk about things.


Yeah I would go as far as to say what does this mean to you? This sudden fear of loss of this person. It obviously stems from fear of losing someone your so attached to and that is normal but why so distressing ? What is it that you need to do to put closure to this? Perhaps a realization that your independent self is the basis for lifes happiness and and self worth and happiness is in order


Give it away. Picture it as a balloon with the message you wrote on a piece of paper inside it. Imagine yourself writing hat on that paper and putting it in that balloon and releasing it to the atmosphere. Let it go. What is meant to be will be. Our lives are already mapped

Out ahead of us JUST going along ....go along peacefully...look PAST today....this year at what positive things you could have in your life if this does AND doesn't work out. ..work out your plans and paths....that way nothing can surprise you because you have a plan for it.


you need some think good look for w to


I'm actually in the same situation! My boyfriend is getting a Pilot License to fly planes. I'm supporting him as I know its for college and he wants to get it but, it still worries me that he's actually going to be in the planes. I've had one panic attack over the past few days. What I do to calm myself is just to talk to him. Have him say that he's going to be okay and if I feel stressed about it I just talk to him about it. I tell him how I feel and he usually calms me and makes me feel better. I know this wasn't much help but I wanted you to know that you're not alone, and he's going to be okay:)

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Thanks everyone!!! Xx


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