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Getting anxious about going on holiday

Hello I am flying to new York on Thursday 28th December and getting very anxious !.

Its my first holiday away from home without my mum (Sad i know) and it is my first holiday abroad with my boyfriend of nearly 5 years.

With whats going on in the world atm ( gun crime and terrorism) I am getting very anxious about it all.

I am obvs very excited about it all I just want to know is there any tips on over coming these anxiety's some of them include what if I get caught up in a terrorist attack etc and who would contact my mum if something happened or what happens if something happened to my mum while away.

I am also anxious about the flight there as this would be my longest flight to date, I also have a overnight flight on the way back which I am also nervous about.

Any help would be great <3

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My Dr. once told me that he has experienced that about 80-90% of the things that people and his patients fear never happen to them. I have also experienced it with my, heart issues(AFIB), and other things I have been afraid of. Most if not nearly all fears did not come to pass.

A few years ago I went to Thailand and for about one night I had these awful panic attacks, but I prayed, faced the fear and just focused on the now. I did not "worry into the future". It, in any case, does not help to worry.

You will be fine!


ik it just me being a silly sod lol I worry about the most lil things I know I will be ok I have to be ok x

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Focus on all the positives. Your boyfriend will be there to support you. Try to get some sleep on the plane. I like playing games. Could you take a puzzle book or something? I’m very close with my son but he sometimes goes to his dads. She will be fine. I actually learned to enjoy my quiet time. Not that she won’t miss you.

As far as the terrorists they are all over the world. We can’t let them win! It’s so highly unlikely. We can’t let them control our lives. We have to keep living! Sounds like you have a nice hand to hold. Draw strength from that. I draw strength from my son because I want to be strong for him. Do you have any anti anxiety meds? Taking one can help on flight. The night flight should be easier to sleep.

I know it’s hard but when it creeps in just consciously focus on the good all around you. Your boyfriend, this wonderful experience you’ve been given. The holiday spirit. Can your mum FaceTime or Skype or something? That could be a wonderful way to be with her during the holiday. At least for a short time. Plus seeing her face will help alleviate your concerns. I had to do that when my son went away to College.


I don't do puzzle books but gonna bring my ipad and been obsessed with candy crush atm ahah. My mum is a very independant woman so sure she will be fine it just me !!

I don't have any anxiety meds but i am going to take rescue remedy with me as that seems to work. I usually sleep anywhere lol so I sure the night flight will be fine.

I already said to mum when we can going to facetime her esp when we on the empire state building if i can etc.

I think i over thinking everything it is just because it my first holiday without her lol i thought there was gonna be a terrorist attack in rome when i went and i thought i would never make it home but i did same as barcelona.

Thank you for your kind words and reply it made me feel a bit better ! 1 week and 3 days left woo.

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That’s right! Woo Hoo! You’ve had wonderful adventures. No trouble. Find comfort in that! Relax and enjoy!!!

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