Iam having this weird sense that iam Going to Die soon. Idk like my Life is coming to an end kind of like an instinct. Its so freaking scary. I've been also having strong Heart beats to the Point that i can feel it in my throat even while iam just driving or laying down. Its tripping me out. Also feeling shortness of breathe and i have to catch it quickly like iam suffocating... I do have high cholesterol and i promise you that its been in my mind the whole clogged arteries and heart attacks and strokes. And early sypmtoms are all the ones iam feeling. Shortness of breathe sharp pains in shoulder and chest heart racing or pounding. Iam So Done with this. not even the meds are calming me down. So sick of this Life! 😡

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  • Don't be, you're going to be okay alright, if it was working before it will again and don't worry about all that cholesterol stuff, you're working out and doing your stuff, it's working, it just takes time trust me 😊 hang in there hope we're all here for you

  • Hello, this sounds like a really bad panic attack to me. Or, if your heart is beating really too fast, (mine was going at 200 and hour for more than a day) it could be that they need to stop and restart it, as they did to mine. After which, I had to take a tablet a day, which I do and have't had any heart symptoms since. But, the panic attacks have continued, albeit rarely. What meds have they given you? I'm really sorry for you because this is one of the worse feelings ever. Why don't you go to A&E? Hopefully they'll do an ECG and see if there really are any abnormalities or they might get you to wear a Holster device, which monitors your heat for 24hours. The thing with panic attacks is that they just come on when you're last expecting them. But you are NOT going to's a viscious circle: the panic attack starts, you feel you're going to die so you brain starts sending the message to your body, the body starts giving you symptoms of a heart attack, stroke or whatever, then the panic and anxiety becomes unbearable. I actually saw a psycologist for a year who taught me breathing techniques to overcome the attacks. Don't suffer in silence, see a doc today. Take care and let me know how you get on. You're not alone. x

  • I think it's normal that given these symptoms you would worry. Yet try to focus on the least negative option yes? The heart beat, that sounds like palpitations which could then also attribute to the chest pain and the shortness of breathe. Palpitations whilst being associated with heart conditios, etc, are a common feature of anxiety. Which can make you feel thy over arching sense of dread, and that you are imminently goin to en up dead.

    It would seem easy for me to say try not to worry too much. - and trust me I know it isn't that simple. I was diagnosed with BPD along with psychosis a couple of years ago. So I know you can't just switch off whatever you are going through. Try not to catastroohise though. That just makes it worse.

    I think in a way you know it's anxiety, right? Anxiety about health problems quite possibly, but anxiety all the same.

    Either way in here if you need a chat

  • Hi there! It sounds to me like bad anxiety/stress/panic attacks, which are VERY very treatable. It would be wise to seek help from this. Having said this, however, when your heart is involved, it is very important to go to a doctor and have them listen to your heart, as well. Perhaps you are hyperthyroid? Either way, please do get it checked out. Also, don't worry about the scary thoughts. I've had them and worse before and all due to anxiety!!! It will pass!

  • Just calm down. You are making yourself sicker. Just know you are not the only one that has these symptoms, and you want be the last. You are not dyeing. Our body sometimes go through changes. Try eating better, exercising, and maybe a good organic multi vitamin, and b complex vitamins. I believe proper sleep, exercise, water, and our diet has a lot to do with everything

  • This does n't sound like depression or at least not only depression. Most of what you are describing sounds like anxiety to the point of panic.

    Anxiety I don't understand so well, never had much, but plenty of depression. Remember like all of us you are a creature of emotion but also can think and are a creature of logic. Having a feeling you are going to die is a false emotion,no one sees the future. Let your logical side be more influential and the scary emotional side less influential. You are almost certainly not going to die (well eventually,but not yet) and the shortness of breath and heartbeats are more likely due to anxiety . I'm no expert but i understand that there are several effective techniques to deal with anxiety and panic. On the whole my belief is that it is more easily treated than depression, even without drugs, although it can be just as disabling and unpleasant.

    Find out about relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, mindfulness or some of the other techniques that treat anxiety. Find one that suits you and apply it. In the meantime relax. You're lucky your heart is beating that strongly. The alternative is worse. High chlolestoral is a real problem and needs reducing over time to reduce risk but is unlikely to kill you short term. I never understand panics over primarily one's own health. It seems to have so much vanity as a component. I've had a few scares but have always been relaxed about them,said to myself, c'est la vie, and so far it has been and I'm glad to be still alive and kicking long after the scares. So will you be.

    Listen to that heart of yours ,aren't you glad the little devil can beat that strongly. You should be .Listen to your heart but apply logic and you'll be less likely to panic.


  • Ur not going to die from that!! And even if anything would happen, heart attack or anything like that, ud get help and ud be good after.

    And don't worry about the sense, it's all in ur head!!

    Stay strong!! U can die whenever but u only get one chance to live so don't let it go to waste, fight!

    And it's most likely anxiety causing your symtoms! Like really, anxiety can be really painful.

  • I know exactly how you feel! It's anxiety:(

  • Hello.. I have been having the same symptoms. I saw my doctor , he did an ekg everything was normal. Even though I knew it was anxiety I still saw the doctor, not unusual. Try not to worry about your cholesterol with diet and some fish oil vitamins you can help yourself. We anxiety sufferers tend to overthink and worry it's what we do so recognize this and continue on don't let worry and fear get the best of you. You are not alone and we can have control over our thoughts. Listen to some music and take your mind off of it. Eat healthy , good multivitamin and do something good for yourself. Good luck

  • Dear WhereIsHope26,

    Hope is knowing Jesus, the Son of God and accepting Him as Lord and Savior. Hope is knowing that when you die you will go to heaven. Hope is knowing that God loves you unconditionally.

    Now, we have to live on this earth and God wants us to have joy. Have a thorough check up by your doctor. You are probably in good health. Believe the results. When you get palpitations, say to yourself that you are okay. Take deep breaths. Think about good things. Find out what you are anxious about. If it's something you can do something about, do it. If you can not do something about it, ask God to help you accept it.

    Talking to a good therapist might be a good idea. You are not alone with feeling you are going to die (it's mental-state of mind). I felt like that for a time because I have depersonalizaton. When I am focused on other things or people, I am not so aware of these weird feelings. You are not going to die. You are not going crazy. You are not alone.

  • Go see your GP they deal with this all the time , you are not going to die well not yet . Hope things get better , I have been like this for over 30 years . So much time wasted . Good luck &I lots of really deep breathing . X

  • There is hope. It's just anxiety

  • Hi WhereIsHope, I don't have to tell you that you are in a serious anxiety mode right now. I think knowing you have high cholesterol got your mind fixated on clogged arteries, heart attacks and strokes. Do you know that a large percentage of people walk around and live their life fully not even knowing they have clogged arteries. They don't get the symptoms you are displaying. But because you are anxious, the anxiety symptoms are coming out that you imagine are from high cholesterol. In reality, having high cholesterol is silent. Your meds aren't working because you are fighting them with your mental images. If you keep under your doctor's care, you will be okay. It's the people that don't see their doctor regularly that get into trouble. Take care of yourself and your beautiful baby. You will be okay if you can get back in control of your life. Start working on relaxation and turning those negative thoughts to positive ones. Hugs, Agora1 x

  • I feel suddenly very stressed when my cholesterol is high and much more normal when it's low again (with thyroid problems it's worse. Have you had thyroid checked?). So i would look at what you're consuming first. The rest then is anxiety or panic. Get that cholesterol down by looking up the natural ways.

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