Really sore thumb

Since getting an infection in my thumb its throbbing like heck . I need to play my Guitar and I need to put pressure on the neck but after man it throbs.

Its a sunny day hot and trying to sort out the garden best I can.

My sister is flying off to Majorca lucky girl. Wish I could travel like she does . Should of done better in school I suppose.

Hope you all are enjoying the day. Byee for now.


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  • Hi Dodo, I could feel the pain for you when you explained about needing to put pressure on the neck of the guitar. Wow... You really do need to keep that hand elevated to help it heal better. Hope you start feeling better soon. Take care.

  • Not just that I haven't been meditating and being on my own constantly is playing havoc with my stress . Grinding my teeth all the time and I am aching all over not sleeping much either. So my plan is to get up meditate and keep occupied tomorrow. Or I will be doing something silly out of character. I have a bad habit of chucking out things that I need all my CDs my mug rack good boots and shoes strange I know but I get this feeling of clearing my wardrobes and off I go.

  • I use cleaning drawers and closets as a therapy myself. I can understand the aching all over, I have that myself. You've mentioned a few times about being on your own. Isn't your son there anymore?

  • I hope you try to get a good night's sleep tonight. It will make a world of difference. Goodnight!

  • My boy is seeing aa an x girlfriend it wont last long and he be home probably tomorrow.

  • Hi Dodo,

    I have a gum shield which I use when I sleep if I am grinding my teeth.

    Meditation is good and you know it's working when you forget to do it and you notice.

    Wish I could throw things out like you. I am the opposite I hoard cause I am afraid that I will through something out that I will need or my ex will give me a row for getting rid of.

    Just added clearing house of things I don't use or need to my list of goals for this year. Thank you for reminding me I need to do that. :-D

  • Hello Dodo

    I know you enjoy playing your guitar but I would give it a miss till that hand heals , I know the pressure you have to put on , I started lessons when I was younger but gave them up because the pressure needed hurt my fingers to much , so maybe wait and let that hand heal :-)

    Well you have been pro active doing what you can , I always think just cutting the grass can make a huge difference to how your garden looks :-)

    Maybe be nice to your Sister and she might pop you in her suitcase the next time she goes abroad :-D

    Have a lovely evening :-)

    Take Care x

  • We dont see each other jusy keep in touch by text we are so not alike if you know what I mean.

  • It sounds like my daughter. When she is at her place, she never phones me, just does a text. Hmmm

  • Then you scream at your phone "Just call me it will be quicker" :-D

  • It is good that you still keep in touch. I know brothers and sisters who don't talk at all.

    Sometimes I only find out what my sisters have been up to through facebook and what my Mum tells me, but having said that when we really need help we are there for each other. My baby sister has been really good through my illness. Made me cry when she said she would take care of me. I told her I am the oldest and should be taking care of her. :-D She's not a "huggy" person so I really cried when she hugged me. :-D The range of emotions we go through is unreal and that's just in the space of 5 minutes sometimes. :-D

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