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Really really bad night


All day today i have been having anxiety tingly in hands,toes,toot,arm's,fingers and dizziness like im gonna pass out,lips feel like there tingly and back,neck stiffness dry mouth,and pressure all of my head omg i can't take it i have a full on panic attack all day today HLEP I NEED SOME ONE TO TALK TO

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Me :)! Lets talk im Dylon nice to meet you !

Been thru this too Jax. Might be able to help you.

Jax78 in reply to jacq13

Thank you i do need some one to talk to about my anxiety some time's i freak out so bad i just go outside and try to call people to talk to just to get my mind off of it

When you feel this way. Always use coping phrases . These are only feeling and they won't hurt you. They will go away soon. Yes it's uncomfortable and annoying. Acknowledge it and let it go by. When you feel the symptoms coming by juts tell your self that they won't hurt you. I've been through this many many times and let me tell you that the more I use my coping phrases the better it gets.

How are you feeling, I've had a rough night. I hope your doing better now really

Jax78 in reply to nmp1

Not good i woke up feeling bad

Hi Jax78, it sounds like you were hyperventilating. Try some slow deep breathing. When this bad, it might be a good idea to use YouTube Audio Video for 10 minutes or so. It will help get you back into sync. Also hydration is important. Hope you feel better soon. x

Jax78 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much i was doing really bad last night im still felling a little dizzy and tightness in my head.. i have chronic muscle spasms in my neck so that is a trigger to my anxiety i wish i had a muscle relaxer right now

Agora1 in reply to Jax78

Oh Jax, I'm sorry. I know too well what that's like. I don't have muscle relaxants either any more. I now take 1 regular Tylenol and put a shoulder wrap in the microwave and put that around my neck and shoulders. I have a cup of tea or decaf and sit and watch tv. It helps relax the muscles and the Tylenol helps reduce the pain in the neck. I hope you get some relief. x

Have you ever tried meditation Jax? If you can get to learn how to do it, it calms you down x

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