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Really wanted to ask??

Ive been back down this rough patch again as ive mentioned in my precious posts. Symptoms this time just seems to come on stronger this time than before or either i just forgot how bad it can make me feel. But i get bad twitches, muscle aches, flu like symptoms, im dealing with acid redlux, ibs, ringing ears, ears feel full, head pressure, heavy head, headaches of all sorts, back to thinking about death constantly, sleep still off, battling with appetitie again. This is just some of it. But my qiestion i was wondering if anyone goes through this is, for instance last night as i struggled to go to sleep i was trying to get comfortable i could feel my body get like the weak flu like symptoms like i kept getting that rush through my body constantly almost like getting the chill but i was trying to ignore because i get that alot but then i started getting like a weak feeling then i noticed i could actually feel like muscle spasms or tension starting from my back and going up my neck and to the back of my head making my head feel heavy or like pressure. It would ease up and then come back again. It did that until i guess i finally was able to doze off but it was hard falling asleep because i kept feeling that and couldn't stop thinking the worst. Just generally felt ill. Almost as if i were to get up to walk i wouldn't be able to from feeling ill or weak. Now this morning as i had to get up to take someone to work my neck feels tight, ears feel full and one feels a little ache in it, body just feel tense. But i wanted to ask, does anyone feel like their body goes through the worst at night when its time to try to sleep and like once you get up for the day to move about it seems like it eases off? Can anxiety/ stress do that? I dont know if something i ate triggered what i started feeling in bed or if it came from me having an argument a few hours before bed which i tried not to let it get to me mentally but deep down my feeling were hurt and i kept thinking about it. (I also have to add that basically the last month i have been back down the spiral of constantly thinking about death and fear of me dying like something bad is happening to me). But bottom line, does anyone also have days where they feel ok enough to cope and then days where out of nowhere your body feels ill or kinda weak especially when its time for bed? Im back to convincing myself it could be one of those terrible illness words again and thinking the worst.

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Thank you for replying. Im sorry you are going througg it too. Its the worst. And for me its like my body gets these feeling more at night when im trying to get sleep. My muscles ache and are twitching constantly also get burning sensations in my legs too. Stomach pains too. And im trying to get througg this without meds.


Sometimes my acid reflux is so bad i have to recoup over a few days because it has me feeling bad and cant eat. Plus with the nausea. My weight fluctuates because of this. I dont know how long i can handle this either without resulting to meds but i really dont want to.


I really dont know why that happens , I think that anxiety can bring the worst out in you. I can kinda relate. at times it feels like your body is heavy and you have no control over it, and it seems like your body can shut down any moment , and the funny part about all these symptoms it only happens to me at night ! that goes to show you that it knows our weakness , at night it's when your more vulnerable , than anything . dying is mostly everyone worst fear , so it's at the top of our list, it's like everyday we wake up thinking this is it we gonna die, it's painful in crucial, at the same time! it's plenty of times I can sit and just see myself fainting or being unable to move and my body taking over me, it's not a good way to think or live. I can tell you that WE ARE NOT GONNA DIE , the more we know this fact the better alot of things will ease up on us. I'm sorry that your feelings feel hurt after your argument you had . don't let it get to you, have of the arguments most people have, don't mean anything , just stay focus on what you like doing the most and I guarantee you that all gonna be A OK.


Thank you for your reply. I agree with you that maybe at night our mind and body is most vulnerable because we are trying to be at our most relaxed. But yes for me i get symptoms all the time out of nowhere but at night is worst as far as when it gets me to feeling ill. It is crazy how our bodies react to stress/anxiety in different ways and also how out body relieve stress differently. Some times i feel like my body is malfunctioning on me.


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