Hi guys, is there anyone else suffering agoraphobia, or having trouble with 1 on 1 conversations?

I have been really struggling of late to do such simple things such as going to the supermarket or post office, and finding when I do force myself into these situations (for exposure therapy), I am left with full blown panic. It is peaking at its worst when I have to talk to someone, or if I'm asked a question. Everything tenses up, I go mega dizzy, faint, shakey, scattered, sweaty, and breathless to name just a couple of symptoms (you guys already know the rest of them)..

My couple of days a week at work are becoming harder and harder to face, and that's even with minimal interaction with people. It looks like my anxiety has found a new way to bring me down now, and it's really scary.... I don't want to be housebound or this person who can't face the world.

I question myself, being off lexapro now, after being on it for so many years, if that is playing a part in all this? Maybe I do have a chemical imbalance now, and need to be on them for life?

I have been riding my bike a few times a week, which I find awesome because it gets me outdoors and is keeping me fit, but winter is here now and the days are getting colder/wetter....

I have an appointment with my psych in a fortnight, so hoping he can provide me with some answers/therapy, but really don't want to be just thrown some meds and sent on my way.

Any advice or personal experiences on this topic would be awesome.

Cheers guys, Jase.


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  • Don't force yourself to anything, ease yourself to stuff and don't be nervous to talk to people, sometimes it helps 😊 and maybe try to find another way of exercise you know

  • Thanks Alan.

  • Hi Jase, I certainly can relate to all you are saying except maybe for the social interaction. I've always been a very outgoing, people person. It's just since the agoraphobia hit hard 6 years ago, it has been a struggle to get out again. Only within the last 9 months have I gotten back to grocery shopping, post office and pharmacy. I still don't have the drive to go anywhere else. I have been on Lexapro for many years and still feel as you do, so I wouldn't think getting off the Lexapro did this to you. I did however get off benzos 2 years ago after a 2 year weaning. Some things take time to see the full effect of getting off meds. I certainly feel a heck of lot better. Not sleepy, more clear headed, no panic attacks or any of the symptoms associated with anxiety. I still however have morning anxiety to a much lesser degree as well as the agoraphobia that I'm working on. Like you, I don't want to be thrown on meds again like it was at the beginning. Trial and error from one drug to another, half of which I don't even remember because I was so out of it. To me, going through life in a trance is not any better than dealing with anxiety. I've gone through all the modalities used for anxiety and feel that has and will carry me further than medication. I'm a true believer of exercise, meditation and deep breathing to carry one through anxiety episodes. I really wish you well, most of all, don't let the agoraphobia get too far. It will trap you.

    Take care....

  • Thanks Agora. Hope your well. Always enjoy reading your replies to posts, and good on you for helping others.

  • You are very welcome Anxious. It's been a long road in working towards helping myself. Now I'd just like to pass it forward. Stay well!

  • Buy Self Help for your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes I was identical to you many yrs ago and have had relapses through out my life but her books have kept me on the road to a some what ''normal' life.. any time I fall I dig out her books and am back feeling calm again good luck :)

  • Thankyou I will have a look for her book.

  • check out her link here

  • Thankyou, she was an Aussie like me. 😊😊

  • she was a very very clever lady check out her FB page too she is on video there :)

  • Hi Pat9, Dr Clare Weekes books is how I started out in understanding and getting through anxiety. Take care....

  • She was brilliant Agora a life saver 🙂 You take care soon xx

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