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New symptoms, weird stuff

Hello everyone.

I am back with some of my whining. I was feeling sorta better, the head pressure went from few times a day to a random minimum. Breathing seems somehow better too.


I still can't sleep. At this point, wheb my mind starts wandering to dreamland my body gives a weird impluse somewhere and I wake up scared what it was. Yesterday I felt sharp pain below my right breast and its something new and makes me worry once again.

Today as I was walking outside in a lovely day I suddenly felt disconnected with my right leg and soon a feeling of disconnection continued through my whole body. I thought I might faint, bit I wasnt dizzy at all. It was so strange!

I've been having weird undescribable feelings in my right foot almost all the time, but now it went to my right hand as well. Its a sort of inner weakness feeling.

Does anyone of you have this? I am starting to freak out, thinking I might end up not being able to control my right side.

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If all these symptoms are new and keep persisting it is always advisable to speak with you Doctor just to give you peace of mind if anything :-)

I get all sorts of strange feelings though , I sometimes get a numb foot , tips of a couple of fingers feeling numb , an ache here and another one there and I instantly want to panic , but I stop myself as the body can have sensations sometimes and like I have said if it is just a one of or now and again usually they are harmless

Take Care x

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I don't really want to see my doctor anymore. I've been running around various doctors and they told me it's all just anxiety. Still, I get worried every time something new appears. It's scary to feel and not feel your hand at the same time!

Thanks for your kind words though :)


I agree with Bounce that it's smart to see your doctor when you have new physical symptoms. That being said, I did so and they basically have only told me it's all in my head. I didn't believe them until my recent resurgence of panic attacks last week where some symptoms suddenly returned with the panic attacks: pain in right ribcage and right abdomen, pain in right shoulder, pain in right leg/foot, radiating sensation from elbow into pinky. I had been feeling really great for a few months as far as anxiety and most physical symptoms had subsided. Then as soon as the panic attacks came back the same symptoms returned.


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