Palpitations are Back :(

I am Currently getting bad Palpitations and iam scared iam going into A heart attack :\

I hate feeling this way. I dont know why iam feeling this way right now. Iam worried its My high cholesterol and iam going to die. (God forbid) iam going into sadness again and ive been doing so well... My meds arent working much and i have no idea what to do if meds arent helping or excersise then what will??? I cant Sleep 😥


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  • You can do this, you've been working out for a few days and you are keeping up with your diet, nothing is going to happen to you and you will be okay once again, trust me exercise works and the meds will help

  • I hope so. Ive been working out for almost 2 weeks now i weighed myself like a dork and saw and saw no change in my weighin i felt like a loser but iam still pushing i can do this ive been doing it i will reach my goal with or without PTSD

  • Don't worry you will make it through, it's just a journey you know 😊 hang in there I belive in you and may God bless you

  • Thank you so much dear you ha e been there for me since my jour ney began and nothing but positivity is all i recieve from you and its amazing. Thank you again. I cant let none of you down i will get through this. God bless you more.

  • Hi dear, You are not having a heart attack and you certainly aren't going to die. I know how scared you are right now. The high cholesterol would take years before clogging your arteries to the point of any harm. Sometimes these things happen and the palps sneak through even when on medication or at the start of reversing your lifestyle. You need to relax so that you will be able to get a good night's rest. Maybe reading and deep breathing for a while might settle you down. I can't remember what meds you are on or for how long. Did the doctor give you any instructions for when this happens? Let me know how you are right now. xx You'll be okay..

  • iam still having palps for over a few hours now. But iam Not as Scared or panicked its just Uncomfortable :(

  • If you're new to exercise, it can take awhile to feel safe when your heart races because it feels like an attack. I have a mild arrhythmia that gets exaggerated when I speed up my heart during exercise, which makes it very hard to enjoy it :-(

  • Please check out Dr Sanjay Gupta on YouTube. He's a cardiologist and explains things really well -

  • Thank you for sharing Dr. Gupta's YouTube site. Excellent doctor. Hope it comforts many who suffer from palpitations . He has a calming way of explaining the heart and it's function. x

  • Thnk you this was very Helpful and relieving

  • I have had high cholesterol, high blood pressure.... And shocking palpitations. Every day all day.

    I took a serious step, stopped all salt and butter .. Spent $200 on every possible healthy thing there is. Oats avocados ... U name it I bought it. Exercise twice a day and haven't had palpitations now since five days.. Ride my bike, drink heaps of water, safflower flower tea to lower cholesterol... Etc etc etc 1st time in 6 months.

  • Many antianxiety drugs give heart palpitations. My amitriptyline and nortriptyline did that to do me...

  • Hello :-)

    Yes you have been doing really well and you still are !

    Maybe that anxiety has noticed just how well you have been doing and is trying to get it's way back in but I have seen the strength you have got and I know you will not let it take over but it will try & visit now and again and I am sure this is possibly what happened with the palpitations

    Your high cholesterol which for all you know could be a lot lower now than it was with all this healthy lifestyle you have been doing will not give you a heart attack , please try not to worry :-)

    Hope you are feeling a lot better than you were and maybe if you feel the meds are not working when you can speak with your Doctor and they might increase the dose , sometimes they start us on a lower dose and gradually increase it if and when it is needed

    Take Care x

  • Yes i still have plenty of xanax and lexapro left. But the xanax might need a Higher dose. Iam working out still and eating healthy. I did have 1 cheat day because its all new to me and i needed some Fried bbq wings haha bit i still ate healthy the whole day after that. I just want this PANIC to go away

  • I've had high cholesterol since I was 24 (maybe before that, they only checked it then) I have AFIB (heart palpitations - some times over 200 beats p/m).

    The first few years after I got AFIB ( ) was hell. I thought I was going to die every night!!

    The good thing about that is that I value every day and morning much more!

    After a few hectic episodes I just gave in and said, what will happen will happen, I did not give up hope and did all I could do to be healthy, but said I've had enough of this constant anxiety.

    I am 45 now, just think how many years I would have wasted if I worried every day/night about dying.

  • Dr Sanjay is awesome, check out his youtube channel and Facebook.

  • Ive tried meditation mindfulness group sessio s you name it. Nothing seems to work for me.

  • My dad has palpitations to and he takes organic molasses will take a teaspoon like every night or every other night and it seems to help them because it has potassium minute I don't know what else to tell you might work for you

  • hey whereishope26 i feel also like im going to have a heart attack all the time, constantly checking my pulse, its on my mind all the time more at night,

    you aint alone .

  • Thank you thats so comforting.

  • I completely understand how u feel. I have severe panic attacks quite often. However, mine seem to be triggered by bridges. It's so bad that it interferes with my daily life. I am currently taking Klonopin and Prozac medications. I have to say they are helping with my general anxiety and depression but i am still too coward to drive near bridges or take unfamiliar routes where i might end up near one. This fear of mine is real. Ive seen a therapist, tried hypnosis, and so forth but to no avail. I don't want to live the rest of my life like this in fear. I have two young kids that i really cant take anywhere due to my panic attacks. I feel hopeless.

  • Iam currently on Lexapro and xanax .5mg and its helped as a rescue med. And the lexapro still needs time to work. Iam still trying my best to hold on and keep moving forward. Your not alone hunny trust me i have 3 babies too 7yr 9yr and 8Months old. I love them so so Much and they are my motivation. Keep your head up darling we can do this.!!! Especially for them!!!

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