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I feel like giving up

So last night I havent slept at all. This keeps happening for almost 1 month,of course there are some night I sleep okayish. But really,I feel this strange feeling around my heart,like my heart is very exhausted. I heard you could die of not sleeping well and Im freaking out. Also I heard that people with schizofrenia dont sleep at all or well and Im very sure I have schizofrenia.

Today is important because Im going to visit my endocrinologist for my thyroid,finally,after rescheduling it for another days. Ive been a complete mess these days,but my dp/dr seems to be a tiny fraction better tho. I just wish I wasnt so worried about schizofrenia. My therapist said that first of all,I would have known if I had schizofrenia because people would tell me Im acting strange,or always think people want things from me or even have hallucinations. I became so self conscious that whenever I smell something or hear or see something I ask so check if Im hallucinating. Its very annoying,I just want it to be over. I just want to sleep. Sleep aids are not working. Im exhausted!Maybe I dont have schizofrenia but I feel like I do!! Has anyone felt this way. Plus,I might actually have hyperthyroid,Im going to find out in 4 hours,yay! I just really hope its just my thyroid and Im not mentally ill. Please,has someone ever gone thru this? I really need some support

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I think your therapist is right on this. If you had schizophrenia, you would know. A friend of mine had it long time ago and from what I heard, it's really obvious. He was acting and thinking like a totally different person.

I'd say you are just worrying over nothing, you might be getting paranoid from the lack of sleep. Tired head could get really messy.

I hope the doctor eases your mind a bit. Good luck and hang in there!


Yep.i thought i had schizophrenia before.i think that like me maybe you are that anxious about your health problems and having to go to hospital and not sleeping that maybe your mind is making you think all sorts of stuff.i get the whole heart thing going on when I'm anxious.i gotta go to hospital myself tomorrow and i got PTSD from it and I'm a nervous wreck.just want you to know your not therapist told me that thyroid or other medical problems can affect your mind.


if you still have trouble sleeping you can take meletonin. its a pill thats all natural look it up ive been taking it since i was 5 on and off once you start taking it for a week or two you will problebly be able to sleep fine without it. ive been taking it becuase of my anxiety keeping me up at night and once i take it i fall asleep a bit later and there are zero side affects only sleepyness


Oh,thats what my endo prescribed me. And I took one 1 hour before going to sleep and I still havent seen anything. But I feel sleepier today,I feel exhausted


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