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feel like giving up...


i cant take this pain anymore! everyday i get chest pains and other aches and pains. i constantly think im gunna die of a heart attack. i canstantly worry about my health and kids health, i keep crying everyday cause i think my kids would be beter off with out me and i cant take these pains and worry anymore. i love my kids more than words can explain and my man i love him so much! but i just cant stop worrying and i think im having an impact on there lives by worrying constantly. i just dont know what to do anymore! i have been to doctors and hospital and i get no answers no support. i dont eat properly cause i worry to much everything!! i dont want to fail and break down but i dont know what else to do!

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It is just a thought. You have no evidence of any physical problem.

You must work on anxiety treatments, mindfullness, positive journaling, exercise, distractions etc

Have you tried psychology and medication?

i keep getting symptoms of heart attack. i cant stop worrying im gunna have one. i have 2 younger kids 1 and 2. they distact me most of the time and i thought i could handle it on my own and i have done for 2 years but now its getting worse! im too scared to take meds and ive got my first theopy session tonight x

Chest pains are one of the commonest symptoms of anxiety. There are people posting most days, but I've never seen one who had a heart attack.

Heart attacks at your age are incredibly rare, but chest pain due to anxiety......incredibly common.

If it's so bad you're thinking of suicide, surely a try of tablets is worthwhile.

Try the mindfulness there's lots of YouTube videos of it

yeah ino but it still happens... and im not thinking of killing myself maybe running away. i cant swollow tablets. and yeh ill look now

I feel for you I started just about the same time as you with the worry my kids were small now 13 years later I still go threw it but not as bad i started lexapro 11 years ago and still take it I was in the same boat even went to the ER pleanty of times for chest pains your doing the right thing by seeking therapy it helps a lot I know it's scary to take meds but sometimes you have too I would think if I had a heart condition wouldn't I take meds for it to help that's how I look at it I still get anxiety but it's not as bad as the beginning wishing u all the best I'm here if u need to chat

thanks hun. yeah i mean i think im going to have to go on something i cant controll my worrying and crying anymore. i used to but not now. will message you soon hun x

Medicines may sort you. You can always crush tablets or get a liquid version. Certainly worth a try

Oh and by the way - running away from one situation will put you into another (which maybe worse) and you will always have to live with yourself

I have chronic pain disorder due to the fact the hospital damaged me severely when they took the gallbladder out I understand exactly what you go through the pain can be so severe sometimes that you feel it will be better if you just give up but I find do everything on your good days and then if you have bad days just get comfortable as much as you can try and have a warm bath maybe with some Radox in that relaxes muscles maybe get some pain cream like voltarol or something like that to rub on your chest gets something that smells nice that you find comfort in and then on your bad days sit and watch your favourite films DVD why might people say you know Liam Payne but we've all got pain but they don't understand that the pain is so severe it all the time it's just sometimes it's less than other times but sometimes it's crippling and all you want to do is curl up into a ball and cry and cry and cry but tried to live even if you take a DVD player portable DVD player into the bathroom put it onto your toilet and see what a couple of movies in the hot bubble bath normally hot water bottles help pain creams stuff like that that's what I try but remember it doesn't matter whether other people have pains or not the pain matters to you ask your doctor to see a pain team because the pain team seems to know more about pain than the doctors do believe it or not so as your doctor to refer to the pain team try some herbal alternatives talk to a herbalist if you've tried all that and you still in severe pain all the time then I suggest you go back and you talk to your doctors and make them listen

Cassiegraves, everything you describe, all the symptoms you are experiencing, are classic symptoms of anxiety disorder which many on this forum have experienced. You have been examined by doctors who would have picked up on any heart condition.

Your symptoms are NOT caused by physical or organic disease they are the result of your nervous system becoming over sensitised. What worries and stresses started the sensitisation only you can say, but it is now being maintained by your anxiety about the way your heart feels and the strange feelings you experience. Every flash of fear adds extra fuel to your sensitive nerves which are very, very good at mimicing real illness.

So I say emphatically you are NOT going to have a heart attack, you are NOT losing your mind - it's your tired nerves playing tricks on you. What you have to do is stop frightening yourself half to death over symptoms which are caused my glitches in your nervous system. Accept the diagnosis of the doctors that there's nothing physically wrong with you. And start to address the real reason for your bad feelings which is over sensitised nerves. So how do you do that?

The same way that many of us on this forum, and hundreds of thousands of other people have done it: by de-sensitising the nervous system that extends throughout your whole body. This means that for the time being you must Accept all your strange feelings without adding second fear to first fear, by Accepting you stop the vicious circle of anxiety causing more symptoms causing more anxiety causing more symptoms and so on.

Understanding as you do now that your problem is not life threatening and that you can recover just utterly Accept everything your raw nerves throw at you. Stop fighting the symptoms which only causes more tension, when you feel bad make every muscle in your body go limp and relax and say to yourself 'I'm not going to allow temporarily sensitised nerves to intimidate me any longer.' So let the bad feelings come and just as somebody standing in shallow water can face one wave breaking over them after another without harm so will you do the same when the bad feelings strike, and just carry on doing what you were doing as normal.

And guess what, if you can learn to utterly Accept your bad feelings without adding fuel to the fire of fear your nervous system will begin to recover and return to normal and you will feel at peace again free to enjoy being a mother to your child and a oartner to the man you love. But recovery all comes down to Acceptance (not just putting up with), true Acceptance will set you free if you practice and persist and that is why I spell Acceptance with a capital A.

Lizbett in reply to Jeff1943

Great response Jeff! ☺

Thank you Jeff x

Can I just say cassie, the last thing right now you probably want to do is read a book but if you only read one more book in your entire life then this is that book - it's a book titled "Self Help for your nerves" by Claire Weekes and it explains in simple terms how to recover from anxiety disorder by the Acceptance method. You will soon recognise yourself in its pages. This book has enabled more people to recover than any other. It was written a long time ago and has stood the test of time - Claire Weekes wrote it after she herself suffered from anxiety disorder as a young woman studying to be a doctor and it describes the method she discovered to cure herself. It's available from Amazon for just a few pounds, I commend this book to you.

Please go and ask to see a counsellor who can help you to work through it. Your children need you and you deserve happiness x

I am and I'm starting to accept my symptoms are all anxiety

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