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Split Second Dizzy Spell

Hi people. I have had this problem for the past 3 years now and haven't come to a sure conclusion. I would get this split second dizzy feeling and would feel uncomfortable and i would almost be pulled to one side... Its really unsettling and i have been to see many Doctors and i have been put on Blood Pressure medication as one Doctor suspected it was Hypertension causing that. My eyes were checked as well, and i was prescribed with glasses for Short Sightedness. I still experience those and all tests done come back perfect. I.e blood work and what goes with it. One Doctor mentioned that i may have to do a CT Scan just to see if something could be causing this. Any ideas?

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Hi xrosstheh, it does happen when we are so anxious. I would get it while sitting at the computer at home. Just a split second dizziness that pulled me forward. Except for being shook up after that, I was physically fine. I was told it did come from anxiety but had it confirmed by an MRI. If your doctor wants a CT Scan, go for it. It may not only get rid of any doubts you may have but may also get rid of the spells. The not knowing and speculating can cause as much distress as a real physical issue. Good Luck..


Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate. Its really been bothering me and at times i start to think there is something seriously wrong with me. At times, even when im lying down and just watching tv then i would experience it. I will let you know what the results will say. Thank you once again!

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Our brains are so weird!! I know when this started for me I would have feelings that the ground dropped beneath me. Of course it hadn't but my brain thought it had. I've had an MRI and all kinds of balance testing, blood work....you name it. Nothing is wrong, thank God!! I'll take anxiety over a brain tumor any day!! 😜


Lol! I would take that too!! Anyday!!



I have had the exact same feeling for about the same amount of time. I have had every test going including a brain scan.

When I get these dizzy spells , I feel it's as though I have been unconsciously holding my breath, sometimes my heart seems to flutter a bit too.

I have to hold myself together until this episode passes. I have been told that because I am tense and unintentionally holding my breath, that obviously I am depriving myself of oxygen, hence the dizziness and the heart flutter! Makes complete sense, doesn't it?

I just need some relaxrion techniques and one that I can do throughout the day anywhere.

Hope this helps you a little, by the way I am still trying to cope with it, not there yet, but trying 😊


Hi Funkiefarie.

Thanks for taking time to contribute to this topic, your response is GREATLY appreciated! Yes... Right immediately after the "spell", you can actually feel your heart beating as if it is equally as panicked as you are until it calms down. I'm starting to think everyone else is right. We could have anxiety challenges. I think i should say i do get anxious in many cases. Lol! But its the kind of thing you just want to go away!


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