I feel like Ive drove everyone crazy with my problems around here and everyone think Im not seeking proffesional help,but in reality Im really seeking and I dont look for things on the internet,meaning that I dont diagnose myself,my doc does. But I have to wait so until then I calm down by talking here about them and asking people if they felt the same. So im sorry if I annoyed someone,but I try to live with this anxiety,because it never was this bad. So ive been diagnosed by my family doc with hyperthyroidism and other than that,a urinary infection. In rest,Im very fine. But Ive researched it and I found out that my DP/DR and my anxiety and insomnia and lack of appetite/wight loss can be caused by my thyroid. And my doc. said no wonder I feel bad and she send me to a endocrinologist. But thats in another 2 days and I have to wait and I feel like Im going to lose my mind. Please,tell me Im not alone. I feel like nothing is real at all,I question everything from the fact that im crazy to the fact that Im actually dreaming. I sometimes wonder if I had a psychotic episode and I didnt knew about it. I can remember every moment of my life from my oldest memory until today. Even tho I feel very confused and I have these moments when I feel ok but then I feel very detached and I question if everything is real or where I am or who am I,and I know the answers but still,it feels very odd. I feel like my home isnt my home,or people around me are not familiar and other things.Even words ,i know words but I feel like they are not real. I dont know how to say.I feel like in a dream. Even my voice seems like its not mine. I actually think I have delirium or schizofrenia and I feel sick because of my thoughts. I feel like my grandma when she died of cancer and she was delirious. What if Im delirious too? I mean,are you aware if you are delirious? Because even in my badest moments,I can think clear,I have no hallucination ,I have some trouble with feeling exhausted and tired and worn out. And sometimes,my anxiety spikes,wich is odd because I havent had moments of fear for 3 weeks. But still,does this sound like Im mentally ill or anything? Because,I really think its my thyroid . Ive read a post ( ) and it feels like this is me,right there,only with stronger symptoms. I worry and Im at the point where I dont want to love ike this anymore. I dont want to die,I want to fight,but I want to know what Im fighting.My therapist gave me her email adress and she said i could leave a message,and I really want to,but I have no idea what to say. I just want to know Im not alone and Im normal and my mental health is okay,at least if its not okay,it would be because of my thyroid. Any advices,anything.


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  • Hello

    First I am not sure why you would think you are annoying anybody this is what the Community is here for to post :-)

    Sometimes answers we get may not be what we want or can use but we take the replies that help , thank everyone for their time in replying and leave the ones behind that we feel are not helpful and I think in-between your treatment you are doing the right thing coming on here and letting it all out to me that is sensible

    You are going through an awful lot having tests , waiting for results which does seem like it is forever and in the meantime that anxiety gets in and it has a field day as we say round here making the most of adding to how we already feel and sounds like the symptoms you describe which I have experienced before is severe anxiety and no you are not going mad and I think when they have sorted your health issues out you will start to clam down and these symptoms will get less

    I think that was a wonderful invitation your therapist gave you to email her if you need to and you say you would not know what to say , yet you have expressed yourself so well in your post I would more or less copy your post and send her that or he if it is a male because she would get an excellent idea of how you are feeling :-)

    2 days will go quickly even though I know when we are waiting it does not feel that way but it will , we are already through half the day now and please come back and let us know how you got on :-)

    Keep talking if you need to it helps even if we don't always have the answers but to know people are listening :-)

    Take Care x

  • Im very scared,I feel unreal and its been weeks already. Also,Im very scared of delirium. I have moments of feeling very unreal and that the world around me is really not real.And I get this insecure,very blank minded feeling.And I feel very tired and sleepy and like when you are sick. Its scary. Is this delirium?

  • Hello

    I am not a Doctor so cannot diagnose you but can say I have felt just like you and as bad as you are feeling now when my anxiety was at it worse and I doubt it is delirium but if you are really concerned then I would email my therapist or call my Doctor or even both :-)

    Try and relax I know it is not easy but the more anxious you get the more you will feel these symptoms x

  • Its awful,really horrible. I think my life its over. But then I see people I love around me and I try to be strong.

  • Hi

    I know when it is at it's worse it does really feel awful and can be hard to believe that something like anxiety can make you feel this bad but it can and does but little by little with help and support things do get better believe me

    Accept for now you are not well , I think with anxiety we feel we can not look at this as an illness but it is like any other , be patient with yourself , get all the support you can and slowly you will start to see small changes and yes you have so many people that love you stay focused on that because even though you are suffering at the moment you are lucky to be loved by so many :-) x

  • Also,I have this feeling of disorientation/confusion. I know where I am or what time it is,but still,Im very disconnected and I feel like yesterday happened a week ago. Its like I dont feel time the way I used to. Same with locations. Should I worry about it?

  • Personally I would not worry about it because for me I would know my anxiety was creating this but for you I think you would be best mentioning it to at least your therapist if not doctor so they can reassure you :-) x

  • Hi

    Don't be sorry there's nothing to be sorry for . You can post as many times as you like. Sometimes it is a bit quiet and takes a while for people to reply but don't take that to heart it happens from time to time.

    Take care be good to yourself and post whenever you want to.

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