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DP/DR and thyroid

Ok,so Ive posted many times here but I just want to talk again about these feelings. So,my bloodtests came back not very good,my thyroxine level is high and my doctor sent me to an endocrinologist. Well,another week of waiting. Its just I feel bad. My DP/DR is constant and I had some scary events like one night I woke up and didnt remembered my name for 2-3 seconds. Yesterday I was walking down the street and I felt lost like I was lost or confused,even tho I knew where I had to go,I just felt strange. I have problems with my head too. I feel like I have no thoughts at all sometimes. I hear people speaking and even if I know what they are saying,I feel like im hearing just words. Same with letters,I feel like they are only just symbols ,not words. I went to my therapist and she told me the fact that I think Im not normal its a sign that Im not losing my mind. But still,anyone felt this way? I just really hope its my thyroid.

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I don't think thyroid can cause dr dp but keep talking to your therapist and tell just how your feeling


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