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Dr Claire weekes a must read!!

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I have just come to the end of this amazing book!! I have spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on self help books.. my bookshelf is 90% full off books that I didn’t even finish.

Claire weekes managing nerves is amazing and I felt lighter reading this book and honestly it’s like she is talking to me Personally i couldn’t put the book down. I am a very very anxious person and I just feel better about my self. I bought it off amazon and I will keep this is my holy grail of self help books.

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That's quite a recommenation, Layla321, I'm glad you found Claire Weekes' book useful. The next step of course is to put her teachings into practice in order to make recovery a reality. I know Claire wrote about 6 books and I have read them all over the years, the one I think is the key book in outlining her method is the first 'Self help for your nerves' also published in the U.S. as 'Hope and help for your nerves'. Please keep us informed on your progress. I hope all goes well for you!

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God bless you Jeff I’m slowly getting there x it’s the intrusive thoughts and the crazy obessesions that I’m sick and dyIng and being way in tune with my body... I am floating pass these feelings and know I’m ok 🙂

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God bless you jeff!

Yes yes shes amazing she gets it!

I purchased two of her self help books way back in the 70s and they have been with me ever since they are my bibles you won't find better than her she was a ldy before her time as her methods work, pleased you found them helpful too :) XX

If you have three things, any of you who have read her works, (I have read a bit of it, but it has been a long time!) would share to help me through a particularly stressful few weeks, please do! I am so tensed up this minute. So busy with work, having 2 hrs sleep, up to catch a plane😫 I have overcome flying fears, but because of my lack of sleep and stress prior, I am just in a knot!

This trip “should” be a vacation for my husband and I. I am dreading it. Dreading the nice hotel he got. Dreading the city. The sadness of people begging and so destitute. How can I enjoy when I see that?


I ramble. So sorry! Any suggestions to re-think?

Dr.Weekes also published a small number of other books,(about 4?)all with the same basic theme and communication style.

There is also a series if video programmes where she is interviewed and explains her system.The one I purchased had about 10 or 15 short presentations,excellent.

She also produced 4 audio tapes where she was explaining her system and what to do.

The videos and tapes are different from the books,they are not just reading the books or repeating in the same way.

I read but never got connected with her books but the videos and audio recording blue me away.

Her voice and spontaneous guidance was transformative.

I cannot recommend her videos and audio recordings enough.

I do not however know how to get them now as I got mine over 30 years ago.

She was a pioneer,possibly the first.

I listen to her books on Amazon audible,best self help books I have read.

Here she is at her best: youtube.com/watch?v=REOdAWC...

(can we post links? ) If this gets taken down, google "Claire Weekes Enlightenment"- it's 1hr 19 min of the best anxiety info you've ever heard. She was a genius.

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Layla321 in reply to Calm_mama

Thanks so much for the clip enjoyed listening to it! X

He book literally turned my life around back in the 70’s! I was very young and so scared of the symptoms of anxiety - which I thought meant I had a serious illness. Her book explained all of the symptoms I was experiencing, and helped me on the road to recovery.

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