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Have a feeling its going to be a long rough night?

I suffer enough with anxiety, panic and depression as it is but every time im due a period the shit hits the fan and I even more so struggle to cope. My ibs kicks off I go into panic, feel like im gonna be sick, really spaced out and I literally sit and shake. The hormones make me feel like laughing and crying at the same time and the next second im to scared to leave my bedroom, it really is just too much for me. I have been to my local well woman clinic and they just keep telling me to take the pill which I have in the past and I had so many bad side effects I had to stop, had a coil and it kept falling out. Dont really know what to do anymore. Looks like its gonna be a long anxious panicy night. X

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I no what you are saying , it does seem to kick the IBS of

Have you tried Primrose oil ? i have heard that is good with PMT etc

Try & say to yourself you no why you feel like this ...woman can feel the way you do without anxiety as well

Look at natural things to take . maybe you have , but I have heard they have worked for a lot of woman

Hormones though they do make us feel like you do , the joys of been a female ;-)





thank you whywhy......yay your back how are you doing? x :)))))))


Hi Sam - are you okay? Be about for a bit if you're still up and panicky!





thank you rose, i spent the night listening to relaxation music which seemed to help, its those bloody jitters hat gets me everytime, i must look like such a feak shaking and rocking inbed, thank godi sleep alone! x


Hey I know I can't relate to your problem being a man, but I just thought I'd say hope your night wasn't to bad and that I hope today is a better one for you.


thank you, hope your doing ok. x


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