Scared of doctors

Scared of drs.

Hello all I've been reading lots of posts where people are going to the doctors and getting blood tests and visiting the er because they think something wrong with them. Well I have the opposite problem I'm afraid to go to doctor for fear of finding out I have cancer or some other disease. I won't even go for a pyysical. Anyone else feel like this?


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  • I used to be the same i was terrified but eventually i got enough courage to go and realised there was absolutly nothing wrong and its a massive relief trust me my advice is to just push ya self to go you'll be fine.

  • Hello

    I thought I was the only one !

    In a way I am relieved that someone else feels this way even though I know exactly how you will be suffering 

    I am just the same have HA even though most of the time I have learnt how to control it but when I feel there is something wrong I sit and suffer rather than go and get it checked until I put myself through so much suffering and eventually I drag myself there but like you it is always that fear they will tell me something is seriously wrong there is a big part of me would rather not know as I feel the anxiety that would bring would be even worse than what I already feel !

    I have been suffering with indigestion problems about a year , I lost my Dad to cancer and I am thinking that could have brought it on and I think I have the same symptoms I remember him having till it has got to a stage I am getting an x-ray done tomorrow 

    I have to admit I am dreading it but worse than the procedure I am dreading the wait and results !

    So no you are not alone but even though I can relate so very very much I end up going to the Doctors in the end and most of the time it does make me feel better getting reassured so if you feel you need to go , bite the bullet as we say and make that appointment , we are all here to support you and you know you are not alone and we will be able to relate which hopefully will help a little bit :-)

    Take Care x

  • My last check up was in 2012 had a mammogram and they saw something scared me to death lost almost 20 lbs and blood pressure very high. So I needed to have a biopsy then wait for results. It was just some abnormal cells nothing to worry about but dr wanted me to have surgery to remove the rest in case it did turn into cancer. So now I'm thinking I'm only gonna have half a breast after surgery. I got so worked up but after it was nothing just a tiny Lil scar the cells they removed were so tiny they were microscobic!. I got myself so sick from worrying and after everything was over it was nothing more than an inconveince

  • And yes the waiting is the worst because you imagine worse case scenarios

  • And the weird thing is I'm not afraid to have mammogram anymore I go faithfully now but I can't seem to make that appt for colonoscopy 

  • I know what you mean I totally understand it is the fear , fear that is an emotion that can't harm us but takes over 

    I am doing this x-ray and going to face the fear , how about joining me and facing yours with the colonoscopy , we can do this :-) x

  • Your so brave good for you and good luck with xray. I'll be waiting to hear how you make out. I'll have to work on that appt. Thanks and again good luck!

  • Hello

    I am feeling so sick so not sure if I am brave but I think I have got to a stage that I am so sick of worrying I know I need to do this but believe me I so wish I could wave a magic wand and not have to :-)

    You will get there eventually we all do , we all take different paths , find different ways in which we cope but eventually we do get to where we need to be and meanwhile you have somewhere you can talk and be understood and get great advise which sometimes you are not ready to use which is fine but I think it does plant a seed that when we are ready we remember which is the main thing :-)

    Thank you for your good luck wishes I do appreciate it :-) x

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