White hands

Does anyone notice there hands go very white? I am not at all well today, my head is bad and have had a bout of restlessness, sweaty palms , and whole body feels like rubbish, head the worst. had another feeling of faintness, and generally feel very ill today. Also I have like a pulsating in my ears. I hope everybody else is having a good day,



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  • im sorry to hear that :( try and have a lie down if you can

  • Hi Bonnie

    Sorry you sound like you are having a bad time today

    I dont get the white hands , but the sweaty palms , pulsating in my ears , bad heads & so on yes I get them all

    I no mine is more than likely my anxiety & they do come & go , so i try to ignore them

    I no you take meds , so none of this could be side effects could they ?

    If you think they are or could be , then its see the GP , if not hun , it sounds like anxiety

    I hope you feel better later :)




  • Thank you whywhy, it wont be the meds was getting it before taking them, feel awful today, had another attack when I got up of like restlessness and dizzy like trance, didn't no what to do with myself, then felt very faint. I am fed up with getting up to it, I am ok when I wake up and when I get dressed, but as soon as I get downstairs it starts, I am truly thinking of sleeping downstairs for a few nights to see if things change. Hope you are good today and having a nice one .



  • Well Bonnie , when I have problems , i sort of what I call experiment , seeing if I do this & the other if it helps , then what ever my findings are , if I get any results , I then go back & tell the GP , what I have come up with , sometimes it does help

    Give it a go for the next couple of evenings , let us no if it does make a difference


  • Hi Bonnie, yes I get white hands they also go really cold. It's the blood redirecting itself to important bits of your body ready for the fight or flight!

    Winter xxx

  • Hi winter, hope you have had a good day today, my hands used to go white on an off, and snow white, now since taking the meds, they are white most of the time, and anxiety most of the time.



  • Have a go at wriggling them about and clapping them. It still is probably the anxiety playing silly b........ With you xxx

  • Hi winter, thank you, do hope you have had a good day, mine don't go cold or purple ,or numb. just white, as I expect you are right ad that it is the anxiety, been all day since meds, but ten anxiety has been worse since meds, so am tampering off now.



  • I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow Bonnie, I thinking of you xx

    I've not been too bad today to be honest, I've driven into town today on my own and nipped to the indoor market. I need some ribbon for a wedding cake I'm doing. I've also eaten pizza and garlic bread even with the odd bad thought I still managed it! I've done some gardening and walked to the bakers, which is only 5 mins away!

    I feel quite pleased with myself, other than having stung myself on nettles this morning and it is still hurting now!

    {{{{{{{{{{{hugs to you}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  • very well done winter, that's great, hope you are proud of yourself, maybe put all them positives down on paper each day. And the nettle, it used to be said that a dot leaf sorted them out, if not don't worry about it, it will go away. The days positives can overtake that.



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