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Head pressure 😢

OMG! This head pressure is driving me mad. I went to dr on Tuesday thinking it might be my ears, they felt so full got a shot of steroids nose spray and allergy pills, well it's not working yesterday I feel so horrible felt like my head was gonna explode, I feel very little pain, mostly numb. Also feel a lil unbalanced it comes and go throughout the day, but it's there. I don't know what to do not think about this😩 Anyone else going through this. My poor husband is fustersted because I want to be left alone👎🏻. Tomorrow is Mother's Day I'll probably stay in bed feeling sorry for myself😢 

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No don't let this ruin your time, I don't know what to tell you but I'm here to support you and encourage you, hang in there, I'm sure you'll get better 😊

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Hi Normal,   as long as any medical issues have been ruled out, it could very well be your anxiety causing both the head pressure and fullness in your ears.  I have experienced this as well as have learned some of the causes.  If anxiety, the muscles all over our head are tense and tight including the little muscles in the ear canals.  Yes the inner ears producing that fullness feeling.  Using deep breathing, hydration and proper neck alignment can reduce and eliminate that feeling.  When every muscle in our neck, head and shoulders are tense, we feel off balance.  Sitting at a computer with neck jutted forward and looking at the screen can intensify this full feeling in the head.  Find a quiet place, dimly lit, a bottle of water and start slowly deep breathing as well as using meditation, relaxation or imagery for about 20 minutes.  As you relax, the pressure in your head will start to come down.   Hydrating is very important as well.  I hope this helps some so that you can enjoy your Mother's Day with your family.   xx


I'll try this thank you🙏🏻


I want you so to enjoy your Mother's Day.  Good Luck! xx


Yep ☺


Hello. Yes I have had severe head pressure and extreme 24/7 dizziness. 

Unless symptoms have been ruled out by a Dr, then what you're experiencing is anxiety symptoms. Please know that the more you give power to it by way of your thoughts and avoiding getting on with living, the stronger your symptoms will become. And WORSE yet, they'll stay with you for a very VERY long time on daily basis. Until YOU choose to let go of them.

Acknowledge that yeah okay, they're there but then  get angry with them. Determine that head pressure and dizziness is not going to rule YOUR life. In fact, YOU rule THEM. So please, I know it's hard, BELIEVE me I know, try and get on with life to the best of your ability. Thinkinking or rather dwelling on your symptoms will only make them worse and also prolong them. 

Work out what's causing your anxiety and work on alleviating that. Also actively focus on relaxation techniques. If you're experiencing head pressure/dizziness, under NO circumstances do you focus or dwell on it. Simply acknowledge it and move on to the best of your ability.  

In all honesty,  you also risk knocking on depression's door if you don't. Many years ago,  head pressure and severe dizziness saw me falling into clinical depression. It robbed four years of my life and all because NO-ONE in the medical profession (pre-internet days) TOLD me that my symptoms were anxiety-related. Instead, I ended up in a psychiatric hospital because life to me at least, was over. Well it wasn't. It still isn't. A fact that I try to temind myself every single day. You WILL get through this. You just need to have faith in yourself and believe.

I wish you peace 🌹


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