Hi I think I need help as can't bear it anymore

hi I've lost a friend.we used to get on really well and now has said she can't cope with me anymore and has lost all contact with me.sge said we still are friends but not like we were before and never will be.ive tried everything and because od this I've been harming myself by taking loads of paracetamol last week and drinking loads of alcohol.its to escape the loss of loosing a friend and loneliness and it's all I do to try and escape this.


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  • imamess,   no, no, no.  that's not going to bring your friend back, it will only hurt you.  You must get help immediately.  Call your doctor or therapist.  You need help in dealing with the loss of your friend.  You can't escape it and you can't do this by yourself.  Please stay safe and get the help you need.  We care at this forum  x

  • thankyou for your reply my friend never will be my friend anyway they don't care and I'm holding this great big secret that everyday day since Saturday by taking more tablets and drinking and I can't Tel anyone. This person doesn't care and can't bring myself to tell anyone.saturday took 9 Sunday six Monday Tuesday six Wednesday 4 yesterday four you none so farx

  • You have to tell someone.  This is serious taking tablets and mixing it with alcohol.   You are so worth more than this.   Please reach out to a family member, don't be alone right now.   They are not really your friend if they would pull away from  you like this.  Show them that you are stronger than that.  Most of all, please get help ASAP  xx

  • thankyou for replying xx

  • imamess, I will be watching this forum to make sure you stay safe.   xx  

  • Hey, you're not alone. You can air your thoughts out in this community or go out of the house and walk or something. Stay in the present to distract yourself. Hugs.

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