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I need help RIGHT NOW i think i lost my mind!!!

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I was driving i heard this EERIE whistle turned my radio off looekd at other cars that may be playing loud whistling music it was like i was in a horror movie I begin to think I NUST LOST MY MIND i heard it while driving i passed by this one spot and it was very loud i looked around no one seemed to be playing loud music im in full blown panic mode and think i truly lost my noggin please help me ease my mind i dont wanna lose my mind i fear becomming crazy this whistle noise NEVER EVER happened to me in my entire andiety filled life DID I LOSE MY MIND? Im driving in traffic NO ESCAPE both directions IM FREAKING OUT PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE HELP MEEEEE i dont wanna be schizzo or tweak oh my goodnesss im terrified i dont wanna hear things im too young do buses have PA systems? Im so ready to call and ambulance

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I was reading ghost stories last night in bed in the dark my wardrobe rail collapsed and freaked me the hell out. Calm down it could of come from your car or anywhere does mean it’s in your head and your nuts. Put music back on and just concrete on it.

Now im having pulsing head pain above my forehead on right side..: wtffff

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It’s anxiety And your anxiety is worrying you That it’s making you very anxious that so don’t worry about it think of something positive in your be fine

Just ignore whatever it was it's all in your head I'm sure. You might have heard something but your music probably joined in with it and I expect your brain made it into something it's not. Go to buy some chewing gum or something in a safe place and just listen to the outside world with your window down slightly. You will be fine. It willl cause a good distraction to your thoughts and make you act normal in the shop. Hope this kinda helps x


You are not loosing your noggin when you are anxious your senses are on overdrive , that noise could have been coming from any where could have been anything but certainly not you loosing your mind

Put it behind you and maybe tomorrow you may see the funny side of it

I have very sensitive hearing etc and I think it is due to anxiety

You will be fine :-)

Take Care x

Oh you poor thing are you ok? I've only just read this... how are you feeling now?

Im okay.. but now im not as im in a DARK DARK PLACE i made a new post about it.. im in te dark tunnel i thouvht i escaped from.. so fuckig done venting to ppl

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kevoreally, hope you are okay...you never have to go through the dark tunnel alone. Remember we are here to listen, to support, to understand. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Stay safe.

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