Head pressure

Does anyone else suffer with head pressure?? I was totally fine when suddenly I had this really bad head pressure which kind of felt like it was on the inside of my head instead of outside like a band as that's how normally people describe it.

I can still feel some pressure now which is making me worry thinking it's a stroke or something.

I am very close to starting my period so could it be hormones? As well as I got really upset earlier so I cried so maybe it's from the crying? I don't seem to have any other symptoms except that.


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7 Replies

  • Head pressurescare a weird thing. As I read here, they can be caused by many things.

    Have you drinked enough water?

    Crying does leave a sort of dull feeling in the head, thats true. If utvstays on for days and days, you might wanna go talk to a doctor.

  • I get dehydrated quite quickly actually as I don't drink as much as I should be during the day so maybe after crying I just for dehydrated

  • That is quite possible. How are you feeling now?

    Also, hydratation is important! I myself always forget to drink so I try leaving half-litre glasses around me to have water within reach.

  • I'm feeling good now. I had a headache the next day after this pressure so maybe it was just a migraine as I do suffer with those

  • U will be just fine

  • I remember pulling a muscle in my neck and from it I got that head pressure feeling, my sinus above my nose even got effected by it.

    It could be one of many things causing it including anxiety, try to relax and see how it feels in a few days or so.

  • I get that, and in my case it was a delayed reaction to fluoroquinolone antibiotics, specifically Cipro and then Avelox. Other antibiotics can case it too, and since the reaction is often delayed you don't connect the dots. That whole fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics is best avoided like the plague (unless you have the plague, haha) even if you didn't take any already. I'm sorry you have that, it feels so unpleasant. I get some relief when I get that from taking a magnesium supplement.

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