Love being back !!!!!

For those people who have never spoken to me just want to say this site is like Family and people have been so supportive considerate and caring over the last 5 months. Briefly i had servere anxiety and panic attacks unable to leave the house. Was unable to walk far without the fear of falling over getting dizzy etc.

I thought this is my life knowing i did not want to be in this situation. Many people supported me when i was at my lowest ebb and i thank them all. Without this site i do not believe i would have come this far. There is light at the end of the dark tunnel it just takes patience and being able to express yourself to family friends whoever listens and takes interest.

I am not completely over this but try to work with the demons instead of fighting it i deal with it and try and put it behind me.

All i am saying is i want to give some encouragement back and would be willing to help others like people here have helped me.


Big hugs

Love Seyi xxxxx


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13 Replies

  • Hi

    Well I have spoken to you quite a bit , but still have to say what a lovely post & you have always been there for us all & I no you are a loving kind caring person that will help both old & new members on here

    Special ones


  • Whywhy thank you :) so glad i am back. People like yourself make this site what it is. Your one of the most caring and thoughtful people i have had the pleasure of meeting. Big hugs Love Seyi xxx

  • Hey Seyi it's great to see you blogging. I would like to second what you've said here in thanking everyone for their support. Hope your doing well. :-)

  • hi Willrich hope you are keeping well and it is nice to Thank people for their love and support. Will talk soon big hugs Love Seyi xxx

  • Hello Seyi, don't think we've met, but glad you're back. Have only been here a couple of months myself & have found it invaluable.

    Hope to hear lots more from you


  • Hi thomson nice to meet you:). This is a lovely site with beautiful people who will encourage you and support you. Hope to hear from you also. Take care


    Love Seyi xxx

  • Lovely that we are not forgotten and you want us to feel better like you,thank you.

  • Hi Lindalou how you been keeping? I could never forget the people who have helped me get to the place i am now. I am still at times in a dark place but the lights are on more often. LOL. Take care hugs

    Love Seyi

  • Good morning Seyi .

    How nice to see you back on the site , now your here again don't be getting lost again.It is beginning to feel like the old site :O we missed you.

  • Good Morning Kenny lovely to hear from you. Hopefully i won't get lost again lawd knows what i was doing wrong hahahah. Old age i reckon. Its lovely seeing familiar people here again that i can relate with. Missed everyone and as long as we all care and support each other i am sure we will conquer. Take care big hugs

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Hey seyi nice to meet you. Not been on here long but found it has helped me massively :)

  • Good Morning looLoo lovely to meet you :) This site has helped me no end the support and genuine care is amazing. I am glad the site has helped you massively. No matter how big or small issues are keep blogging. Take care big hugs

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Love! Did you ever feel like you were sick with a bug or something? I am sick of feeling weak, shaky, and sick. Even if I am not panicking, I feel ill.

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