I just want u to know that some of us on this website is going through some similarities and I am here if u need to talk . I understand what u are going through so if u need to talk I'm here. If u are scared and don't feel safe or don't know what to do just let me know and I can try to help u. I work for Department of developmental services and am here to support u and give u some websites that might help with ur situation


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  • Very kind of you, thankyou :-)

  • Hi did u gave fears that u were going to die all the time thats my symptoms so scary bearly sleep because off it

  • Yes I have and it stinks . Please tell me your triggers and fears that u have so I can help u more

  • A just think am going to die a dont no watt trggers it so scary a think my times up any min a fell spaced out ma face horrible

  • Ok well if it happens again let me know

  • Doctors thinks its my hormons that causes it a had it last time it passed its self a just get scared in case iam dying and doctors dont see it but thay said a perfect healthy and anxiety cant kill u some times a fell gd then am like is this my time up so hard always tired and fell out my face also get scared to see doctors to

  • Wow U need to go to the hospital they might be able to treat u with so exiety meds and give u the attention u need. This is very dangerous to ur health and u need to talk to someone before u cumin suicie

  • Thank you for being so kind

  • Very nice of you to post this ☺

  • Thank you..Anxiety has me housebound..I am afraid to go out... and afraid to stay in.. on my own..panic attacks, out of nowhere, feeling dizzy, sick,constantly..cannot take a/ds due to side effects....What advice would you give me..xxxx

  • Wow that stinks do u see a therapist or a phsycologist who can help u with this?

  • I have been to doctors thay said a dont need medication as last time it whent away its self a just get paniky off going out but a need to go out for kids sake

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