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Hi anyone here suffering from severe health anxiety? Maybe we can talk. I'm 19 and always feel like I have something bad inside of me going on like cancer or lupus. I just want to achieve that point where even if I DO have them, I want to be able to relax and not let my worry take my life even before any disease does. I feel envious of people who just brush off things and are able to live peacefully even with the presence of diseases in their life. So if anyone like me is there, maybe we can talk?

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hello, I have severe health anxiety along with general anxiety for 15 years to my nightmare four years ago I was told I had lupus and it was attacking my kidneys wow!! U can imagine how I took the news finally iv accepted it,before I googled it I was out of my mind with all the horror stories I read it was a horrible few months I will take meds that COULD cause cancer and blood poisoning for the rest of my life to stop the lupus I except that because the alternetive is more dangerous, i still have health anxiety about other things ie brain and heart I'm very bad at the moment worring about my heart and it's been pounding for days now... I feel for you as I know what your going through all I can say is you prob Havnt got what u think u have, I'd never heard of lupus until I got told I had it!!

Take care xx


Very sorry to hear about your lupus but I know you'll get through it. We have a family friend with lupus and she is now in her 70's and still healthy and managing well. :) Same here, I feel very nervous about having a heart attack or sudden cardiac death. But the most Im afraid of right now is colon or stomach cancer. I feel stomach pain at times and I get into a full blown panic attack. :-( I also check my stools a lot (sorry tmi) and when i see food pieces I panic thinking im very sick


I know I read some of your other posts dnt worry iv been there done that!! Thought the same and I know what ypu mean when you say how other people are about things my boyfriend said last week oh I got a right stabbing pain in my head and instantly u can imagine what I was thinking he was fine he said oh stop it it's just a headache I can remember the days I use to be like that a long time ago iv got worse because of the internet, I know too much information, years ago I use to go to the library and read medical A to Z !!! I was bad but not as bad now I'm very worried constantly re my health and google to much which in turn leaves me unable to function in normal life Havnt been out to a shop in god knows how long because I just can't fight it anymore why should we put ourselves through so much trauma just to go to the supermarket

I wish u good health and hopefully overcome this one day xx


Hi! Yes, I used to be like you until a couple years ago. The one thing ill tell you for certain is that worrying will cause disease lol not laughing at your situation at all, but I lived with that until I was 24 and it was terrible.


Hello! I'm in the same boat as you. I've always had panic attacks but last month for some reason it turned into full blown anxiety. I'm taking Xanax right now. The symptom that scares me the most right now is being lightheaded. I'm not even sure if that's the correct term for it but it scares me so much and with the anxiety it gets really bad. Like I can't look up without feeling a little dizzy or if I walk I feel like I'm swaying or something's pulling me to the side even though I can walk a straight line. Sometimes it even feels like a pressure is weighing down on me and I always feel like if I can just get over these things I'll be ok. I have a dr appt soon so hopefully we can figure out what's going on. It's so hard to convince yourself it's all because of anxiety. My therapist is getting me to meditate and be in the moment which is easier said than done but I'm trying everything. Its just getting so frustrating I want to cry sometimes. I have a 3 yr old too and want to be back to my old self for him.


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