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Scared it's my heart

It's again last of days been having pain and discomfort on my chest first my left and then right. I'm a smoker so due to financial hardship lately haven't been able to buy some lately. But what I'm thinking it's my heart and if I sleep I will not wake up. So scared had keg two weeks ago dr said it's fine my heart. But still worry it's my heart think I can have a heart attack and won't know about it. Scared to go to dr for fear it's my heart so sooty. Then I think it's withdrawal from nicotine try to be positive. But see all this actors who die in there sleep close to my age and think wat if that happen to me. Plz give me some advice thanks 

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Sounds like you have Health Anxiety and I suspect if you were not focusing in on this fear then it would be something else but your anxiety at the moment has decided to choose this which is usually how anxiety works 

Well done stopping / cutting down on the cigarettes that is an achievement as well as a positive thing for your health :-)

I do no when friends have stopped smoking for months some have developed a bad cough aches and pains they have never had before and for a while they have said they felt worse for stopping than when they smoked but eventually the benefits did come and once it was all out their system they felt so much healthier for it  so maybe the pains are down to you cutting back or stopping but be reassured that having tests they can find nothing wrong so there won't be :-)

There is a quit support Community on Health Unlocked for stopping smoking I will add the link so you can have a look on there you may pick up some advise 

I would speak to your Doctor about your anxiety and see if maybe they could refer you for some counselling to get to the bottom of where these fears are coming from and then how to change the pattern of thinking that has been created by your anxiety 

Take Care x

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Thanks for advice even thou I hear doctors in healthy I think it can happen or missed something.

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