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I’m scared for my birthday


I’m scared something is going to happen to me on my birthday and I just want my birthday to come and go now I’m really anxious and keep having sharp pains in my chest and my back hurts and I think in my birthday my heart will stop or something I’m scared and I keep guessing things right so I think I’m right about my birthday

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Hello :-)

I promise you and I mean this NOTHING is going to happen to you today on your Birthday

Your anxiety want's to ruin it but please try the best you can to enjoy your day !

Happy Birthday :-)


Take Care x

Zhiyah1012 in reply to Hidden

Thank you 😩😩

To Zhiyah on your special day.

How is your birthday? Thinking of you :) xx

Zhiyah1012 in reply to Agora1

It’s tomorrow and I’m not good I’m trying to pull through


Agora1 in reply to Zhiyah1012

I'm here if you need to talk Zhiyah.

I so much want you to enjoy your birthday tomorrow :) xx

Zhiyah1012 in reply to Agora1

Ok thank you

I get you, before i turned 36 (January this year). I kept seeing 36 everywhere leading up to it. I was concerned as i had, had a nde in 2017 from atrial flutter. Plus i have issues with circulation (peripheral vascular). Anyway here i am in Nov 10 months later and feel the best i ever have. My advice get on high grade magnesium, tumeric, nitric oxide (the bran i use is kyani nitro fx extreme).

Thankyou so much okay

Well, our anxieties can really mess with us, Zhiyah....

especially when we have new unexplained aches & pain.

I'm 80 & can recall so many such fears. And guess what?

None of the things I worried about happened. Zero :)

Think about this, we have only one birthday, every year is

simply an anniversary of the day we were born; nothing more.

I assure you, our body doesn't "know" what day or year it is.

But it does re-act to the anxiety we feel. Causing more fear.

Of course I have no idea how old you are, but life is a gift to be

enjoyed. Give thanks and rejoice over the future you have. :)

Do you mean you think you are going to die on your birthday?

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