Obsessed with my heart and scared of sleeping

Hi there guys I've suffered with severe anxiety for many years its ruining my life my anxiety is my fear of dying in my sleep or my heart stopping etc ! I'm not great at sleeping and beleive that cause I'm exhausted that when I Di fall asleep ill die cause I'm exhausted its the most horrible thing ever I get every physical symton to which scares the hell out of me any one suffering with the same fear xx

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  • Hi Chickadee, oh god yes! I hate it. I am so tired from not being able to sleep. I can be so tired and my eyes are closing, but it feels like my heart is stopping and I'll jolt upright. I also get a missed heartbeat sensation when I get indigestion. I used to panic so much about it all but now I just accept it, breathe deeply and wait to fall asleep (even if it does take a good 2 hours!) I always just think that I've woken up and I'm alive so I'm obviously fine.

    I also wore a heart monitor for a month after seeing a Doctor at the hospital and he told me my heart was absolute fine and that anxiety can play tricks. It made me feel a lot better.

    I hope you get some sleep soon! Right now I am falling asleep at my desk, roll on 5! :)


  • This site is so comforting, this is exactly what has happened to me. I have heart monitor right now and I feel much calmer knowing that someone is taking this seriously and that (fingers crossed) it will indeed turn out to be all in my head.

    I recommend writing or reading (my favourite is online fanfiction for my favourite TV shows) - great fun and easy to do quietly late at night when you can't sleep.

  • Thanks for ure reply Mandy its horrible isnt it like u I'm just about falling asleep and I feel my heart beating and jolt awake I get terrible thought that ill die from lack of sleep etc and the less sleep I get the worse I get its a vicious circle it's great speaking to people who understand xx ps hope you don't fall asleep at ure desk lol xxx

  • Quite similar to me,I get palps on &off,today being one of them ,iv been checked out they say everything's fine ,iv had theses all aft,on &off,hate it wen these happen so much

  • Ive had the same thing, i was suffering from panic attacks for 4 weeks already and im afriad that i will die in my sleep and never wake up

  • Sucks huh bro. I feel you

  • Are u scared to sleep to meg ? I get heart palps to there horrible and very scary so I sympathis with u hunni i hate hearing my heart beat x

  • Hi chickadee i know exactly how you feel, I remember getting that and still do, what makes us affraid to sleep is anxiety and how we think. I use to sleep without any worry or fear and without any symptoms but once I started thinking these horrible thoughts they began my anxiety which brought on these symptoms of heart palp and even my breathing. It's all about distracting your mind from these thoughts and the more you distract the fast these fears will fade. Before you know it you will get your sleeping back. Please find some meditation music and listen while your trying to sleep this will distract your thoughts and calm you down. Anxiety is very terrible I know, it's all about controlling your thoughts which lessens your symptoms. Take care my friend

  • Ah love i know just how you feel since christmas i have been the same i was waking with terrible panic attacks sweating shaking pains in my chest couldnt breath and felt that if i fell asleep my heart would stop i thought there was only me like it in fact just come home from a&e have been getting really sharpe pains in my chest and its like a splitting pain its awaful had ecg bloods etc and said they cant find anything i to feel shattered love so know how you feel are you taking any meds xxxx

  • Sorry to do 2 replies but you know I feel so much better knowing that I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings. I was convinced something is wrong with my heart/breathing/heart stopping when I wasn't paying attention. And I'm not mad or imagining it, others have had these same scary thoughts and feelings.

    Knowing that others experience the same physical things as me is really helping.

    I have never had contact with anyone else who has experienced them until today and it is so reassuring to find others with identical symptoms (and who are getting better).

  • Hey guys sorry for the very late reply my internees been down its a massive comfort to know I'm not alone in my feelings I'm not having a good night tonight didn't sleep well last night and my fear if dying or my heart stopping when I'm sleeping is back or dying cause lack of sleep I hate anxiety sooo much hope ure all well xx

  • i have thr same syptoms when i wake up in the middle of the.nighti.feel like a die nd always checking mah pulse ans sick of feeling like tis is been a week that i camt.sleep help hats wrng with me/:

  • Hi chickadee so sorry you have this problem have you explained it to your Dr. He may suggest counciling or a group that could help. Good luck I'm the same & worry so much about dying & I have life threatening disease including Heart /chronic kidney disease /osteoporosis & am anemic ,I read a lot / play games on iPad or even go on face book to chat to friends in USA etc until I drop off.

    Peggy 🌹❤️🌹

  • Hi i also suffer this dying thing its on my mind 24/7 just so scarry dont no watt to do

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