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hi i have a problem

my prob is my wife asked me 2 have our 2 young daughters this morning ,trouble is my meds r making me feel drossy and alittle disconnected ,so not feeling great at all ,so i asked her if she minded me not having them ,she agreed but i feel so guilty as im missing out on time with them ,i feel like im a bad farther ! my wife agreed but i could tell she was annoyed about it !! i did want 2 have them ,but i dont think its fair they should c me like this ?? just wondered what other peoples thoughts wer ????

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If your feeling like that then i think you did the right things not having them over as you would prob find it hard to look after them running around if your feeling drowsy.


you did the right thing .. you don't want them seeing you drowsy and not on top... it just shows that you are a good dad telling her your concerns so don't feel guilty


I am not a fan of taking tablets, but I guess you had to. is there any chance that you can take your tablets only at night? why did your GP asked you to take them in the morning?? is your anxiety that bad?? if I was you I will go to my GP explain the situation and see what can you do to decrease your intake and instead take Chamomile few of them, it is herbal and wouldn't harm you, will make you a bit sleepy but not dizzy at all!! this is just my view. from the other hand I know you are upset of not seeing the kids, it will get better but nothing you can do, you can't help it. your wife will be upset that is normal, maybe she wanted some time off, if you speak to her and let her know what you are going through and when things get better you can take them for longer period and give her some rest to try to compensate of the past days.

don't feel bad, just relax


The idea of taking your meds in the evening is a good idea. If there are side effects then you should be asleep for them.Try and focus on the here and now with some mindfulness exercise Look on the internet for some Mind have a good programme.

Have a word with you GP there may be another medication you could have to reduce your anxiety


tried it and taking them at night is def a better option ,cheers guys : )


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