hi every one please help me i feal as if im not there like im in la la land all of the time like im disconnected .

Here are the symptoms

1. feal like im not there 

2. feal  wierd hard to explain 

3. sound sounds wierd and sometimes makes it worse

4.eye floaters 

5. feal like my fealings are foggy but i do have fealings 

6. a bit shaky 

7. feal like im living in a dream

8. hard for me to focus really hard   

9 . every thing is slightly blurred 

10 . gets worse around people 

11. feal like im in my head


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15 Replies

  • if any one helps thank you alot for your help you have no idea how thankful i am for help ive been dealing with this for all most five years non stop

  • I've been feeling like this too. Foggy head, feel like I'm on some drugs and walking around feels like I'm in a dream. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to fix it yet :( try doing some relaxation techniques and don't exert yourself too much. It seems for me atleast too much physical activity jumbles me up.

  • ok thank u

  • Have you found a doctor who tries to help?

  • Hi. Totally sounds like your anxiety is out of control.  I had the same symptoms about 1 year ago..  Terrible feeling.  I did some research Anxiety out of control is what I came up with.  Now much better I take 500 mg of magnesium supplement along with multivitamin also b complex I drink cammomile tea every night before bed.  What a regimen but it works.  Maybe you should ask your doctor if this would be ok. Good Luck 

  • ok thank you so muck

  • sorry lol i ment much lol

  • Hi Brad12,  I hear the desperation in your post.   What has been going on in your life for the last 5 years?   Are  you in therapy?  Have you been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder?  A lot of questions but I have always believed that these feelings we get, don't come out of nowhere.  Something serious or threatening or stressful is usually going on.  I wish you well in finding the cause and then you can work on the answer.

    Take care.

  • ok thank you just alot of stress 

  • Your symptoms could be iterpreted as depresson together with anxiety. One redeeming feature of your symptoms is that 'feel like I'm in my head' which, in a strange way, a good thigf. It suggests that ao far you have a certai amount of isght and capacity. There are medications you could discuss with your GP who will listen to you and then prescribe the most appropriate medications or you. I empatise wth you completey aftr suffering the same symptoms as yourself for almost thirty years bt medication has changed my lfe completely. Yu cn aak yur GP to refer you to a psycatrist which wuld be helpful for you, I think. Medication for some people is a last resort.  was the same, yet once I had began to lstn to what the psychiatrist said and began my medication regime I was a different person. Now I no longer resist any  medcation prescribede for me. I wish you bwell, my riend.

  • ok thank you

  • i play the xbox alot on the weekends could that be why

  • jrcnpg, I agree with you wholeheartedly.  This may need to be addressed by a psychiatrist who will know the course to take either with medication or therapy.

  • Hi brad12,  unfortunately there is no quick fix to stress.  It needs to be addressed by a qualified doctor or therapist.  I wish you well in finding some answers.  

  • I feel exactly the same right now. Like it freaks me out and I get it so bad when I am at home as well

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