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Difficulty swallowing

I had difficulty swallowing for 2 years that I have now reversed through utilising methylated vitamin B12, I came across the solution by accident and I am now really keen to help other people with swallowing problems and throat pain as the fix is just over the counter vitamins from your pharmacy. I also had extreme hip pain over a longer period that was reversed simultaneously, as were a bunch of other symptoms like brain fog,...all this while technically having 'normal' B12 serum levels when tested by doctors.

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I currently have difficulty swallowing.  Its so strange became I used to be able to swallow horse size pills with no problems.  Even swallow 2 to 3 small pills at once.  Now I cant even swallow one Advil.  I have to crush my supplements and drink them.  If there is a liquid version of the medication, I ask for that.  I do believe I have a vitamin b 12 deficiency.   I looked up the symptoms and I have more than have of them.  I am not much of a meat eater either.  I just hope my doctor will cooroperate and order the test.  I have suffered with these symptoms for years and am not getting better.  Hathi999, thank you for your post.  It gives me hope that maybe one day my issues will get better.  God bless you


I am sure you can find a good solution that works for you too, do continue to have hope!  And do be warned that when you have a B12 test done the doctors often look at your blood serum B12 levels, these are often not a good indicator due to a number of reasons, an MMA test is best if you can get one.  I have written a blog about my swallowing issues here, in case you are interested in the protocol I used to solve my issues but you do need methyl-B12 not the usual cyanocobalamin which is of limited use in these kinds of circumstances.  There is also a doctor in the UK, Dr Chandy who has done some amazing work since the 1980's on the link to brain health, anxiety and the B12 connection, I have a video about his work on my site also.  All the best.

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You can find a full list of symptoms of B12 deficiency here


I'd also recommend joining the PAS forum on health unlocked

if it seems likely.

There is a lot of hype around methyl B12 - reality is that people vary a lot in which form of b12 they respond best to.  There are a number of other genetic factors involved - some mean that people have problems converting cyanocobalamin (used in US) and hydroxo-cobalamin (used in the UK and much of Europe) into methylated forms.  There are two methylated forms which are used by cells for key processes - methyl and adenosyl.  Some people can find that they react very badly to methyl.  for some it seems to do nothing - which may be because there is another genetic variant that means they don't have the ability to convert methyl to adenosyl so systems that aren't operating properly because there isn't enough adenosyl will not be helped by methyl.

I find that methyl does absolutely nothing for me in terms of coping with anxiety and depression - whereas hydroxocobolamin is very effective.  Methyl does help me with some neuro problems but as the neuro-psychaitric are the most debilitating element of B12 deficiency for me it definitely isn't my primary form

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