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DEPERSONIZATION and Difficulty initiating Swallowing


Hi All,

I'm new to the community.

I'm a 27 year old female and After a stressful 6 months i think I have been experiencing depersonalization. Sometimes my limbs feel like they don't belong to me, like they are slower, when in reality they are moving just fine.

It feels like I'm in another world. Almost like a trance like state, and when this happens, I have problems initiating swallowing. It does not get stuck, I just hVe to maybe try twice if I'm distracted.

So basically I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced problems initiating swallowing while they have depersonalization? Also my first bout of depersonalization started after I had my first panic attack.

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I have had problems initiating swallowing as well. I have not noticed if its due to depersonalization. At the moment I have a lump in throat feeling that won't go away

CrazyFun in reply to Hidden

Hi Swan, its very annoying isnt it. sometimes it lasts for days.

I do not have a lump in my throat, just the initial phase of swallowing.

Hidden in reply to CrazyFun

Yes and very scary it mostly happens to me at night. And I sit up scared and on the verge of catching a panic attack. I drink water right away. But there is something about that that makes me want to swallow more and more

jessiejakes in reply to Hidden

Hi I've had that swallowing problem and the lump in throat 24/7 it happens when I'm supper I cured the swallowing was by trying not to swallow and then my own natural swallowing reflex would kick in.because I became aware of my swallowing I was trying to swallow to much.and the lump in throat is also caused by severe anxiety.try not to swallow and it will be overided by your natural swallow reflex.

Hi I've had the swallowing problem I was over swallowing ! So I cured it by trying to not swallow then my natural swallowing reflex kicked in ,but I was a horrible feeling.hope you are feeling better soon anxiety causes some peculiar symptoms at times.

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