Barium swallow

Good Evening Everyone. Has anyone ever had a barium swallow done? I'm having one done in the morning. A little nervous but ready to feel myself again. I drove to my psychologist appointment alone today and I was not scared or anything. I didn't even feel fear or think about fear when I left home nor did I feel it on the way back home. I even stopped at a CVS to get allergy meds for my little brother.


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  • Yes I had it done . My first anxiety physical symptom was a lump and sharp feeling in my throat. I had to get a barium swallow test . Everything came back normal .

  • Okay cool. I have Gerd and they want to make sure I don't have a hiatal hernia because the pressure is crazy lol. Was it painful?

  • No it's not painful . Good luck , hope all goes well.

  • Yup, I've had one. No biggie. it tastes good and you'll be fine.

  • Great! Thank You so much. I just spoke with someone in the office for a better understanding of what the procedure consists of and it's like an xray. Someone told me it was the camera down the throat procedure so that's why I was so freaked out lol

  • I've had the camera down the throat too! Lol that one is real uncomfortable. They didn't put me under and I was 7. 8 doctors had to hold me down 😂.

    The barium was just the shake, then watch in the screen. Pretty neat

  • Wow, I don't want that lol. I'm glad that's not what I'm getting lol. Sounds uncomfortable.

  • Hi, yes, I've had several eating the night before...when you get there, they put you in a gown and often give you a tiny bit of salts to swallow with a bit of water to cause your stomach to bloat for them. They do xrays standing up, on your back and on both will be holding your barium milkshake in your hand. They will tell you when to take a big mouthful and then tell you to swallow each time. It tastes like chalk but is pain involved. They will send your dr. the results.

  • Thank You so much!

  • Let us know if it shows anything.

  • Okay, Will do. They want to check for a hiatal hernia.

  • Yes, it can cause a ache or burn or pressure sensation.....

  • And that's exactly what I have, aching, burning, pressure right in the middle of my chest. The funny thing is, I went to a different to get a 2nd opinion and they're helping me way more than my GP. My GP doesn't know I'm getting these tests done yet.

  • It may be GERD ....I'm surprised they haven't tried you on some prescription antacids.

  • I've been taking omeprazole (prilosec)

  • Yes, I took it too at one time, they also had me on domperidome to help the stomach pump food through faster. The prescription antacid I found the most helpful was : Ranitidine is in a group of drugs called histamine-2 blockers. Ranitidine works by reducing the amount of acid your stomach produces. Ranitidine is used to treat and prevent ulcers in the stomach and intestines. It also treats conditions in which the stomach produces too much acid

  • i also had a barium swallow a couple of years ago,they also gave me a piece of bread to swallow and they monitor it being swallowed,hope it all goes well

  • Yes, I swallowed seltzer water, a barium tablet, thick and thin barium mix and bread

  • did they tell you anything or do you have to see your GP/consultant?

  • They said, they have to look at the x-rays and tomorrow the Dr will let me know if anything was found.

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