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Freaking out

Hi I'm freaking out right now, I've had a tight throat this week started Sunday/ Monday, I went to the doctors on Tuesday and he said it was inflamed and sore ( my throat didn't feel sore just very tight) he gave me penicillin which I took ( very good for me as I don't like taking meds due to allergies) on Thursday still didn't feel any better saw another doctor and she said throat was looking ok. On Saturday I noticed when I took a pill my throat seemed extremely tight and I seemed to struggle to breath thought it might be a reaction to pills, by Saturday I should of taken 28 pills I had only taken 20, I rang the pharmacy and explained and she said it shouldn't be a reaction and take the pills as advised 2  pills  4 times a day if any problems ring an ambulance ( which didn't fill me with much confidence. )So I decided not to take any at all. Today ( Sunday)I have woken up  and the right side of my face cheek bone, ear, jaw/throat and eye feel tingly and numb and my skin feels very tight.  I have eaten and had a drink and I do not look any different, i still have the tight throat aswell. I am really freaking out.

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Sounds from what you are saying you have had a nasty infection here 

You stopped the pills yesterday ? they would still be working and in your system takes a few days normally after we stop them for them to work their way out , if it was me and I could manage today I may not doing anything more but make sure I saw the Doctor tomorrow , would phone and say it is an emergency you have been ill all weekend and need to see them now 

If you do feel you are getting worse even though I am sure it is not life threatening but not nice to be suffering I would take myself to A&E but hopefully you will get through today and see the Doctor tomorrow :-)

It is good that you can eat and drink , get plenty of fluids down you , maybe sucking ice cubes to help with the soreness if you have any in your throat , cool drinks , ice cream ?

I know when we have anxiety or for me I am worse when I am ill and your anxiety maybe enlightening your symptoms 100 times more so try and stay focused accepting you have an infection but your anxiety is adding to how you feel 

I hope you get well soon :-)

Take Care x


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