freaking out I put. A pen in my mouth

I'm at jury duty

& I had lots of stuff in my arms

And I had to sign stuff I

Long story short I placed the pen between my lips to hold it & now I'm overreacting again...

& freaking out

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  • I am not understanding what the issue is here.. you put a pen in your mouth and your bugging out.. did it explode? Please elaborate so we can try and help

  • I'm worried about any germs or getting sick from putting it between my lips.

  • So you have germaphobia? I have touched my face near my eyes after people have colds and I eat semi healthy and my immune system is pretty good and I dont get sick from it but it could be my luck or my body idk maybe both the real question is where did you get this pen was it passed around frequently best case scenario is to rinse your mouth out at the restroom but if you need to hold a pen put it on your ear next time

  • The pen was in a box with a bunch of other pens..

  • Hmm rinse your mouth out the more you worry the more stress you create when you stress your immune system has harder time fighting off any illnesses or preventing colds my advice is to just rinse out your mouth and with a little soap just wipe your lips this is where you lose control of the situation tbh.. i know it sounds like a jerk thing to say but now its up to your body to prevent what ever happens next.. your immune system you cNnot control so if your gonna get sick your gonna get sick.. i know this may not sound helpful but trust me i fear getting sick too but once you put that pen near any critical bacteria spot such as the eyes nose mouth its outta your hands just let it be an what may come know you will get over it within the time just hydrate dont stress and you wont get sick

  • Thanks..& your right.

  • I know its not the answer you wanted to hear but its the only one I can think of as of right now.. i mean im sure your really worried but its like my anxiety that i have with the world going off its axis i cannot control that.. why spend so much time on worrying about something we will never be able to control.. yeah i say this now but the moment im in that panic its so hard to convince mysef that its not in our control so stop worrying believe me I get it but we arent truly living if we are constantly worrying..

  • O.K., Danielle, you over reacted to putting a pen in your mouth, that's what anxiety does to us. I've read a few of your postings and what I wanted to say is, well, what's the latest news on positive steps you are taking to rid yourself of anxiety disorder? Are you receiving therapy, any progress to report? Of maybe you've been putting into practice some of the self help techniques for recovety as set out in books, videos or YouTube, anything positive to report?

  • Well distraction helps as do breathing exercises reading and conversing with others helps too:)

  • Talk to the officer in charge and explain you have an anxiety disorder and can't meet the demands of a jurist and have yourself excused from the possible jury panel. Not fair to the parties of the trial to have you serve if you are going to freak out over a pencil.

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