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Chest is hurting freaking out


It doesn’t hurt to breathe it hurts at random ever since after the pizza back pain and arm pain too stomach got a little better not fully recovered but a little Bit

Trying not to panic

I haven’t gotten this this in a while..

Mom doesn’t. Understand.

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Hi Danielle, you are okay honey...What you are experiencing is quite normal for some who are sensitive to acidic foods such as the tomato sauce on the pizza. You're having some acid reflux known as heartburn. Antacids would help dissolve the acidity or even sipping on some cold milk.

It will go away soon. Best not to lie down when you have reflux unless you put pillows behind your back and are almost in an upright position. I'm sorry you are suffering from something you like so much. Maybe next time, try one pizza or blot off some of the sauce with a scot towel before eating it. You didn't have sausage or pepperoni on it I hope :(

Continue letting us know how you feel. Keep trying not to panic since getting panicky produces more acid in your stomach. Sending hugs. xx

Oh it had lots of pepperoni on it /:

I’m on the couch right now trying to calm down :)

:( xx Pepperoni will do it along with the tomato sauce...

Well I Definitely feel its effect😏

I can imagine...I stay away from Pepperoni as well as Sausage not only spicy but has MSG in it and gives me headaches... You should be feeling better soon. Make sure you are hydrating to flush your system out. xx

Will do! Thanks I’ll try to avoid it from now on

Hi Daniellesparkles

I'm wondering if you have a mixture of indigestion with the pizza as the base can be rather doughy can't it and struggle to go down the windpipe which then causes heart burn or indigestion and because your panicking it's giving you pain I've had chest pain for over 2 months and if I eat spicy food or onions I get it too and the more I know the pain is there the more I focus on it..but go to your local doctors if your worried but I'm sure it's just a simple explanation but if your panicky maybe you should get it checked out

All the best


I also agree that it is heartburn. This can be quite painful, but is not serious. For the next meal or two try eating bland food such as bananas and milk, crackers, etc. xx

Thanks.. mom said the same thing.

I haven’t had this bad a reaction in a while..

I just took some pepto tablets just now I would have gotten them soon but I count reach the cabinet 😒 I dislike being 4’9” sometimes😔

For me it’s not wants on things or in things , it’s the dough or the pastry . I make my own pizza with pita bread or if it’s pastry I use filo or rice paper .

Ooh that sounds good:)

Hi Danielle,

When you order your next pizza, order it without sauce. Then report back to us.

( for the sake of science, of course )

PS Do you happen to know your blood type?

My Blood type? Hmm not really

Ask your mom, she might know.

I’ll ask her tomorrow :)


Same issues like you. It makes me freaking out :(

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