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Freaking out please help


So I had chlamydia TMI but I got medicine for it and now I have burning when I pee and I keep peeing frequently so now I think I have a UTI and I’m scared because someone said it can kill you and my back hurts right where my kidney is but I was just thinking it was my anxiety or GERD because it always happens at night or after I eat idk

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I’m scared it’s in my kidneys now I’m so scared

Hi👋, I think anxiety about your physical symptoms compounds the problem.

For peace of mind, book a longer appointment to see your doctor to discuss both issues. Infections do need to be treated as a priority. Your post contains excellent notes so take it along for the visit.

Hoping you feel more comfortable soon

See your doctor that treated your chlamydia. Kidney/UTI infections can be cleared right up with antibiotics.

Zhiyah1012 in reply to RoxieDawn

It won’t kill me right I read it somewhere I’m freaking out

RoxieDawn in reply to Zhiyah1012

Nope.. won’t die from a kidney or UTI infection. Get it treated with antibiotics.

Zhiyah1012 in reply to RoxieDawn

Okay thankyou

RoxieDawn is right. Get to the md and get checked out.

I’ve never heard of anybody dying from a UTI? I get them 2 or3 three times a year. Could be from not wiping yourself good enough after going to the bathroom. Have you been checked for diabetes? A lot of peeing is a symptom of it? 😷🙏

Omg that is my fearrr , I’ve gotten blood work done and I’m going again on Friday I don’t think I have any high sugar or anything

That’s good that you’re getting checked, if you do you can deal with it. You never know? You’d be Surprised how many people have it and don’t know it? I didn’t, I found out at the urgent care, I went in for a UTI, that’s when I found out. Try and Not get to worked up. You’ll be fine😷🙏

You need to seek counseling you shouldn't be living in fear like you do. Worrying about health will make us sick. Think we are going to die all the time is NOT Healthy.


Really give them another thing to worry about diabetes jesus!

RoxieDawn in reply to Chicago22

That’s exactly what I was thinking when I read that. She’s only 16 years old.

Yea, I know for Me my plate is FULL I even got a copy of a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). Just in case? I’ve been advised to do so as my son in laws grandparents died in Terrible ways. I haven’t been obsessing about death as much as I was, I got back into counseling he’s pretty good caring and listens to Me. I’ve been feeling More at Peace lately 😷🙏

Right? Completely ridiculous to even bring up what is very likely not even on the table for her. UTI symptoms following an STI and someone mentions diabetes? No, it's likely an uncomplicated UTI that can be cleared up easily with a round of antibiotics and she can move on with her life. Good grief.

If it helps, you can buy urine sticks off amazon and test your urine at home. I used to suffer with UTIs in the past and to save me keep having to visit my gp, I’d just test at home (the dr told me he got their from amazon - so they’re the same sticks).


You probably have a uti or a yeast infection. Some antibiotics will do that to yoy. It will be fine you will not die . You need to go to the doctor they will check and also do a urine test. I bet it's a yeast infection

Zhiyah1012 in reply to Chicago22


Take dmannos and ellura! Order on amazon and follow directions!

Nah, you will be ok. As long as you take an antibiotic you should be fine. Things like this happen, but you will get through it 💚 take time to heal and go to the doctors if need be. Don't get yourself too worked up. Much love

Thanks so much

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