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Freaking out bad... Have you felt this before?

It's cold here where I live and the air i breath in feels hot humid stuffy I have this cough that makes the back of my throat feel like it's choking on water ( that trickling feeling afterwards) I sometimes get this pain in my ribs and back when taking in air

I've been feeling dizzy and surreal

It freaks me out since I have a painful calf/thigh/knee/groin and I know it gets tiring me mentioning how my phobia of it being a dvt/pulmonary it doesn't help with my mom saying I should take a daily aspirin since her doctor put her on it for thinning her blood :( she has been known to keep family health issues hidden from me. Right know when I filling extend affected leg I get the sharp pain behind the knee for it to b a dvt but ppl keep telling me it my mind. Is it the anxiety making me feel like that this is new I have not felt that smothering feeling before

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Hi Hypoc.

It would not surprise me at all if it was anxiety causing your problems, sometimes we feel real pain and think how can this be anxiety but it is. It is an evil thing I'm sure if your GP says it's not DVT you can believe him, try and be positive I know its hard but I'm sure you can do it.

Take care Kenny xxxx


Hi hypoc, have you been to see your gp? anxiety gives us such a variety of symptoms it is hard to believe sometimes. I lost my voice for 18 months I literally couldn't talk above a whisper, all down to anxiety. I was convinced it was cancer I had every test come back clear and my therapist said I'd lost the will to talk to anyone! I knew then what anxiety was capable of. Don't get me wrong I still have a little wobble when something new comes up and if it gets to an uncomfortable level I do get it checked, to err on the side of caution.

I'm not surprised you have anxiety about your health if you feel your mum is keeping something from you, and if she has before I understand its hard to trust her on this, but try not to read too much into it, nothing is certain yet. Could you possibly sit down and explain how it's making you feel so she can maybe reassure you? If you want to, I would you see your gp, if you haven't already, to put your mind at rest and maybe talk about some options to treat your anxiety. I know it feels awful right now but please know you are not alone x sending love and light x

Warmest wishes

Eva x



I was going to post the same symptoms as you, its weird how we have similar symptoms. It makes me feel a little better to know that its nothing serious. I've hard a X-ray of my chest and the doctor found nothing wrong. Its worth pursuing to clear up your mind and I am pretty sure they can clear out DVT through a simple blood test.



Hi, I sometimes feel like I cannot breathe when it's hot. I get problems with my nose, ears and throat. I now know the pains in my ribs and back are from my anxiety and me trying to breathe deep and hyperventilating. Im using all the muscles in my back and round ribs this makes them painfull and hurts to breathe. The hyperventilating is making you feel dizzy aswell.

See your GP, you possibly might have an infection somewhere around your ears, nose or throat. Also don't take the aspirin unless you are told to by the doctor.

Take care xx


Thank you for responding.

My ears do pop every time I open my mouth. I've had that for a while it's due to my jaw being a little out of place.

I'm hoping it's just anxiety because my back shoulders and chest feel sore and certain moves are extreme ly painful.

I've been experiencing out of balance issues these last two days I have lost my footing and tipped to the side while standing do you get that as well?


Hi, I have glue ear and have a nasal spray for that, which in forget to use. I also get ringing in my ears. I am meant to pop my ears quite a few times a day.

I would get the GP to look at your ears etc, your anxiety might partly be due to the feelings from your ears etc. Also the muscle tightness might be you holding yourself really tense when your breathing xx


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