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Headaches/ fatigue recurring

23 years old and everyday for the past 3 months I have had tension headaches that come on gradually and stay for approximately 3 hours then slowly subside until the evening when it starts up again 

Symptoms as follows

Sharp pains right side of head 

Intense pressure around frontal region 

Extreme onset Fatigue  

Slight dizziness 

Mild visual disturbance 

Mild uncoordination 

I have had bloods done MRI done CT done X-ray done bloods done and everything is coming back normal the next step is a neurologist but in the mean time I would like to know if anyone is in a similar situation

I have tried everything paracetamol ibuprofen lavender oil peppermint oil hot and cold compresses neck massages regular chiropractor visits hot baths cold showers you name it I've tried it but these remidies only seem to offer mild relief at time 

Yesterday it became so intense I went to ED and had ibuprofen and stemitil through IV until later being discharged... This is one of many visits to ED and I'm well and truly over it because I just want to be the normal 23 year old I was 4 months ago rather than panicking over this 

I have had no significant dietary changes and avoided all food that may have chemicals etc (eg.MSG) that could cause these headaches 

I'm not on regular medication and have no past history of trauma or any surgery etc 

Anyone else in this boat please let me know so I'm not alone 

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I'm so sorry you haven't got answers yet.  Can I ask if you think there is something that needs physical treatment or are your pains symptoms of anxiety or stress and may be treated by looking after your stress levels?

When people talk about (and we ALL do it) being 'normal' a little while ago it can mean we have caught ourselves in a spiral of stress.  Always looking for the pain might actually bring the pain on.  I'm not dismissing your pain, it's very real, but the only way I cope is by letting the Drs do their tests (and not being fobbed off) but then releasing the responsibility of that to them.  So I can concentrate on the looking after my stress; eating right, me time, exercise.  It's the same story over and over again but those things actually work.  I'm a big, big fan of diet controlling my anxiety but also...  Remember that this is normal.  Everyone has low points, some lower than others but I promise you, the one thing we can count on is that... EVERYTHING CHANGES.  So even though you're suffering now, one day you won't.  That might be tomorrow and it might be in 6 months but understanding it's not forever helps me a lot.

Good luck xxx

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I'm in the exact same situation. I have weird visual disturbances and dizziness like I'm a little drunk, pretty much constantly. I get tension headaches and other weird head sensations pretty much all the time. I also have been cleared by most medical tests, but I feel awful pretty much all the time and can't live life. 

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I know the feeling hang in there

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I'm sorry to hear this, but it is nice to know I'm not alone so I can feel reassured that it's "nothing dangerous" as the ER docs like to say.

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